My Horror story – Morbid curiosity

I have always been fascinated with serial killers. With my mother being a lawyer and my father an investigator, murder is usually a subject discussed at our dinner table. So when my father offered to let me work with him for a few days I couldn’t refuse such an exciting opportunity.   However, day one was rather slow so he let me look at some of the records from the most famous serial killer in town; The Artist. The Artist is known for drawing a perfect portrait of the victim and placing it scrunched up in the victim’s hand. You would have thought that with a drawing by the killer then they would be able to find him but that’s not the case.

Case 1: Charlotte Taylor, that bitch from my English class. She always had a habit of copying peoples work for a hand job. So she could have pissed any one off. She was last seen walking home from college at around 4:30 PM. She never made it home. The report states that she was found stuffed in the bins behind her boyfriend’s house but obviously he was proven innocent after he was sleeping with Lacy Blue between 4 PM and 8 PM.  Poor Charlotte had eight stab wounds to her chest and one to her knee.  She was wearing nothing but her underwear and a golden watch given to her by her boyfriend….. well ex-boyfriend. The drawing of her was pretty good though. As an art student I must say the drawing was brilliant. It even got the tiny scar from her nose job.  I must tell you now that she’s gone the college has one less slut on campus.

Case 2: Trevor Allen, the football captain. He was very good at football but obviously not that good and surviving 16 slashes to the stomach. He was last seen by the coach at 5 pm. He said he wanted to get in some extra practise. Mr. Allen was found led spread out on the football field the next morning. The girl who sits behind me in Art found him. That was three weeks ago and she still hasn’t come back.  Maybe she did it?  The drawing looked rushed this time, maybe they had to be quick.

These cases have had my dad up to his eyeballs in paper work; it’s really stressing him out.  If I was to make a guess it was my freak of an Art teacher Mr. Snow. He always had a thing for Charlotte and Trevor managed to put a snake in his class room at the beginning of the year. If Trevor did that to me I would think about doing the same.

Case 3:  Stacy Silver, my crush. It was such a shame what happened to Stacy she was pretty and kind but she never liked me back so I would never have had a chance with her. Last seen by her mother at 6 PM, she said she was going to get some books out from the library and never came home.   She was found in her birthday suit with one stab to the heart.  Her mum found her in the back of her car sat upright with her eyes wide open. The only difference to this case was that The Artist put the drawing in the front seat of her car, rather than scrunched up in her hand.

I went home after looking at these cases; my dad stayed late so I decided to walk back on my own.

On day two my dad announced another victim has been found. They all seem to go to my college so the killer must be a student or a teacher form there.

Case 4: Mr. Snow, this obviously ruled out my previous theory. I was sure he could have been to blame. They found him in the schools art gallery knelt against a pillar. The pillar had his drawing pinned to it. This killer must like to display his artwork.  The police are still trying to determine if the blow to the head killed him or the slash to his leg. Creepy Mr. snow was last seen by my class after our lesson, which finished at 4PM but I was of course not there as I was spending the whole day here.  The dick deserved it though he gave me a bad grade on my paper.

So far there have only been four deaths but there could always be more …..if I decided I wanted anyone else dead.  You would have through that my own dad would have noticed considering it always seemed to happen when I was out working on my “Art”.

By April Ely- Deathbyapril


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