Facts about space (Swindon 105.5 radio preview)

As we spend all of our time on earth, it’s hard to believe that we are just a spec floating around in space. So just to remind you how large and incredible the universe is here are some facts that you probably didn’t know.

The sun is pretty big, as you probably guessed, especially compared to earth. It is so big in fact that over one million earths can fit inside. But you wouldn’t want to be inside the sun as its core has a temperature of 15 million degrees Celsius, ouch! Likewise, the sun makes up 99% of our solar systems mass, just to prove how big it really is.

sun vs earth

You may never go to space but it’s not actually far away. It’s only 100KM above earth. This means that if you managed to drive your car upwards, it would take less than hour. About the time it takes to get from Swindon to London. Then once you are up in space you could attempt to explore the 1800 other worlds that have been confirmed to exist.

harry potter

If you don’t like the weather in England, then you would hate the weather on other planets. With Venus reaching temperatures five times hotter than boiling water and Neptune reaching wind speeds of 1600 MPH, you really should appreciate Earth.

In space metal sticks together. Therefore, if two pieces of the same metal touch, they would bind together permanently.

Our moon has a diameter ¼ of our planet; this makes it the biggest moon compared to their planet in our solar system. In addition, we only ever see on side of our moon, known as the lunar near-side, meaning it is constantly staring at us. Furthermore, for those of you who ever wanted to rule the Moon, there is a law stating that no one can ever own the Moon. Sorry.

moon and earth

When you look at stars they seem to twinkle. But stars don’t actually. The effect is caused by the stars light hitting our atmosphere and being refracted, this bends the light and gives the appearance of twinkling stars.

Another fact is that we can time travel, kind of. It takes 8 minutes for the light from the surface of the sun to reach our eyes. However, it takes 35,000 years for the light from the core of the sun to reach the surface. So how old is the light on our face when we stand outside?

After covering time travel, what about Aliens? Well Saturn has 62 Moons. One if it’s Moons includes Titan. This is the closest planet to Earth that has the potential to sustain life. However, unlike Earth which is 60% water, Titan is mostly Methane and like water the Methane can exist as a gas, solid and a liquid.


In addition, Saturn is less dense than water, meaning that it could float. BUT you would haft to find a big enough swimming pool first.

The rings of Saturn are made of ice and the light reflecting off the ice allows us to see them. Unfortunately, this ice will eventually float away so one day we will no longer be able to see the beautiful rings.

Moving away from Saturn, Mars is home to the largest mountain in the solar system. So forget Everest witch stands at 8,848 Meters, Olympus Mons is a staggering 21 KM high and 600 KM wide.

Olympus mons

Lastly if you didn’t know what people mean by a light-year. A light year is a unit of distance equivalent to the distance that light takes to travel in one year. This is about 6 Million miles, Yikes! Baring this in mind the largest star known to science is the r136a1 this star is 100 times bigger than the sun and is 165,000 lighters away! That is a bit of a trip.


So space is massive, scary and just awe inspiring. It’s really hard to believe in all this mad science but it just shows how wonderful our solar system is.

How have you not seen this? 

Deathbyapril- April Ely


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