Avengers Infinity War (Anthony Russo, Joe Russo,2018)

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here! Every Marvel fan has had one movie on their mind, Avengers Infinity War. One of the biggest events in cinematic history and certainly for me, was released late last month and the box office has blown up. I was not surprised to hear the record breaking number of over $800 Million, with the number still climbing. But it is actually as good as everyone thinks?

infinity war poster

Plot: The ultimate superhero team up, with your favorite Marvel characters forming a super band to defeat Thanos before he can collect all the infinity stones and destroy half the universe.




Review: As Thanos has demanded our silence (not like any should listen to that monster), I will review this film without any spoilers so whether you have or haven’t watched this film, I promise a spoiler free environment. To be fair though, I have waited long enough to post this review so you seriously should have seen it….. With that being said, let’s get into it.

A film lasting 2 hours and 30 mins, runs the risk of dragging out the action in hopes to increase the impact of the end scenes. This time is usually for character development. However, everyone knows these superheros well enough, so how does Infinity War spend this time? Simple, action, action and even more action. The entire film is packed with badass scenes from the outset and throughout. There are hardly any slow parts and when there is, it’s like 5 minutes of important dialogue. The film runs smoothly and is well paced, with frequent cutting between all of our main characters so you aren’t left wondering about what anyone is up to. On the other hand, not all the characters actually meet each other because of the large number of people and the way the narrative played out. We missed out on some interactions that we definitely would have love to have seen.  There is always next time eh? I mean at least Peter and Peter got to meet.


Despite the large cast, the film works really well and they all have a big part in the film. BUT, some do have larger parts than others, something to be expected from a film with this many characters. The pressure definitely was on for actors to shine and they did not disappoint. Tom Holland in particular did a fantastic job considering he wasn’t allowed to read the script. Hence, why THAT SCENE was improvised. Just give the boy an oscar for those few memorable lines!

This brilliant pacing is reinforced through a kickass sound score. You can’t have an fight scene without some epic background music now can you? These tracks are definitely going to be added to my work out playlist. (I am hoping to post something about my favourite movie composers, so keep an eye out for that!) The traditional Avengers score is played throughout to give you that excited feel good mood. However, when any thing emotional happens (you know what scene I am not about) the score will push you to tears. Basically, the music really does its job.

One thing I did appreciate about the film was the way is strayed away from the usual Marvel movie trope ‘ lack of consequences’. Normally within these films, everyone lives, in particular, the main character. However, this time, nobody is safe. Hence why many people, including myself had their heart ripped out. I was still sobbing when I got home from the cinema! Now we need to wait an entire year for part 2.  That being said, it is possible to wait that long ,for one, Infinity War Part 1 was a complete film and ended at a place that can be seen as an official ending, unlike other 2 part films, such as Hunger Games. In addition, judging by the way it ended, you can kind of guess what will happen in Part 2 or at least how it will end. This removes the idea of consequences for their actions. We just need to wait a year to see how the second part will get to this conclusion.

infinity war meme


As I said previously, Infinity War will destroy you. Luckily, Marvel gives us a few laugh out loud moments to ease the pain they will cause you. Comic relief really is a life saver. There was one particular joke delivered by Drax that made everyone crack up. It was nice to hear joy from that audience for a while. Let me know in the comments, your favourite line in the movie.


As a proper Marvel fan girl, I have decided to leave the discussion of the end credit scene till last. As we are all whipped to the studios every whim, we will sit through 15 minutes of end credits just for 15 seconds of extra footage. However, there are always a few amatures who leave before the credits are over. Normally, this would not affect how the film plays out but this time was different. We are given a lot more information in a very short period of time. Hence, why you should suck it up for an extra 15 mins.

Overall, I loved infinity war but I will never forgive Marvel for what they have put my favorite characters and myself through. It is an epic movie that pulled off the crossover of a lifetime. To answer the question ‘it is actually as good as everyone thinks?’ The answer is, absolutely.  



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