Lifted, Pixar short (Gary Rydstrom 2007)

This review is on the 2007 Pixar short Lifted, directed by Gary Rydstrom. Link to the short:

Pixar is known for some fantastic animated family films. However, when they are not making us cry with toys going into a furnace, they make Pixar shorts. These shorts often go unnoticed by audiences and are much underappreciated. In 2007 Gary Rydstrom, a Pixar sound-editor, created a hilarious short called Lifted. Rydstrom wanted to have a go at directing for the company he worked at and thus created a cleaver and wacky animation for Pixar Lovers.


Lifted is based around the idea of an alien abduction. The classic UFO is in the dusty barren location of what looks like Texas, USA (correct me if I’m’ wrong. My British arrogance is at play here), where the alien attempts to take a human in his sleep. Unfortunately, this abduction is a part of a test for the little green man, perhaps to get his abduction licence. He fails miserably in his attempts, causing a few bumps in the road to say the least.

The short opens with the stereotypical Sci-fi alien horror, with the creepy sound effects and MASSIVE UFO. Our poor sleeping abductee starts to be slowly lifted into the air, only to be bashed in the head… about 100 times. It’s a miracle he is still alive and what is even more incredible is the fact that he is still asleep.  He gets chucked, squashed, slammed, bumped and thrown around his bedroom in a series of hilarious false movements. It’s a perfect case of visual comedy without the use of much dialogue. The frustrated humour Is bound to make you laugh at the alien’s misfortune.


From the inside of the UFO we see our alien struggle to press the correct button out of a panel of around 1000. It brings me back to the all the failed driving test I had to take until I finally passed (but let’s not go into too much detail on that). You can’t help but feel sorry for him. But again people always enjoy someone else having a hard time in a test and having a bit of a meltdown.  His stressful reactions, the angry stairs of the instructor and the shots of our floating human being smashed around his bedroom, Is a recipe for a simple idea that is bound to cause a few laughs. Lifted is short but gets to the point and doesn’t leave the audience waiting for their first bit of comedy gold.


I would happily watch this again ad suggest that others take some time away from the usual Pixar and pay some attention to the brilliant shorts, especially Lifted.

How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.


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