Black Mirror (Charlie Brooker- Netflix, 2011- 2016)

Season 3 episode 2 ‘Playsets’

The Channel 4 science fiction horror has recently moved over to Netflix, allowing for more binge watching and a larger audience.  Luckily, despite the move, they have stuck to the usual fantastic and ‘get you thinking’ story lines. You are given a terrifying insight into what the future could hold if technology is going the way it is.

My personal favourite that had me on the edge of my seat and my house mate hugging my side was episode 2 of season 3 ‘Playtest’. When an American tourist comes over to England and runs out of money, he opts to test out a new game. The game connects to your brain so only the player can see and hear the simulation. The game personifies your greatest fear in a ‘fantastic’ new horror game. You start off small and end up experiencing your very idea of hell. It really makes you understand yourself and connection to your loved ones.


The episode start off slow and makes you wonder how this episode could possibly lead to anything good but trust me when I say this, it’s one of the best Black Mirror episodes I have seen. Much like the structure of the episode, we start off with little expectation and are then chucked straight into the deep end without little preparation towards how it will end. We are given plot twist after plot twist and are truly left shocked.


The horror is also true, normally with Balk Mirror we are just caused to think about our inner being and how screwed we are if technology does become so advanced but this has jump scares and horrific visuals. Some horror shows do have crappy special effects in terms of creating monsters, such as the early Doctor Who, Supernatural or Grimm but this is realistic for what they aim to achieve. It is horrifically beautiful. It’s not often when you could mistake an episode of television for a high quality cinematic product.


The show is cruel to both audience and characters and we just want the nightmare to end. What if technology does go that far??!!! I would suggest that anyone watches Black Mirror. It is high quality, full of powerful discourses and will just get you thinking.

How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.


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