American Horror Story Season 6 (FX,2016)

If you want top quality television and have the stomach for a bit of horror and gore then ‘American Horror Story’ is a much watch. Each season has a different story but will include the same actors so your favourite will always appear at one point or another.  The only problem with different stories is everyone has different favourite but everyone can agree that the first three seasons are the best. Season six is the latest instalment but for some reason has seemed to stray away from their usual traditions.

‘My Roanoke nightmare’ is based on a tribe that hangs around outside a house that a young couple had just bought. They torment them, break into their house and make pig noises from the garden but they never seem to really hurt any of the house members but it is only the second episode. It sounds very similar to the first season ‘Murder House’ so to ensure that audiences are kept interested FX shook up their style and turned it into a literal horror story. The story is turned into renactments of ‘real life’ encounter of Shelby and Matt Miller and other family and friends that come to stay at the house. We cut between the ‘real’ Millers and the actors. American horror story is finally a story.


Since the new change many people have been torn between the old and the new. It’s hard to tell if the new style is any good and after 2 episodes it’s still difficult. We are missing some of the beloved conventions of the show such as the creepy opening title sequence and Evan Peters is yet to make an appearance. They have hidden a lot from the audience and it’s difficult to know where the story is headed but we can tell they survive because if they died no one would be there to tell the story.


The excitement before the season seemed to exceed the excitement after the first episode. The marketing campaign was fantastic with FX hiding the theme of the show until the day of realise. We were giving very short teaser trailers that didn’t seem to add up. Each suggested a different story line. Some of the shorts still don’t make any sense. Anticipation was high but we were let down. I hope that the story develops into something fantastic with twists and turns and of course Evan Peters.

How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.


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