Rick and Morty (Adult Swim 2014)

Rick and Morty is defiantly not a kid’s show, it may be a cartoon but since it is broadcast on Adult Swim then you can expect very adult content. With more swear words, violence and sexual references it’s not fit for Cartoon Network.

Rick and Morty currently is based on a scientist Rick and his grandson Morty (both voiced by Justin Roiland) who travel through different dimensions on adventures. However, with great power comes great irresponsibility , the two tend to get a bit too involved and get quite a few people involved on the way but as this is for adults they can go all out with some of the situations they get in to.  The pair also lives with Rick’s daughter and Mortys mum Beth (Sarah Chalke) and her idiot husband Jerry (Chris Parnell) a character who gets way too much crap from everyone else. He nearly dies because he’s bad at golf, gets version of himself stuck at a ‘Jerry’ day camp and nearly gets his penis removed to replace the heart of an alien. He is basically just a Jerry (like my Parks and Rec reference). The final character is Mortys sister Summer (Spencer Grammer), she is the typical big sister and occasionally gets dragged into the drama of her brother and grandad.


The show very much focuses on random humour mixing Family Guy with Adventure Time. It seems like all the creators were on drugs. However, it does call for characters such as Mr. poopy Butthole and Mr. Vagina. My favourite character is defiantly Rick, a genius scientist who swears, is constantly drunk and therefore burping and more importantly doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself.


It’s basically the most OTT show ever, with stupid plot lines, characters and a lot of pop culture references. We get a Purge episode and an Inception Episode, where we go into the head of Freddy Kroger, who for some reason says ‘BITCH’ a lot. It has all the makeup of a kids cartoon but without any of the childhood. The show has caused a massive fan following and of course lots of merchandise and memes. With 20 minutes an episode the show is easy to watch and you will be sure to get through the two seasons in only a few days. Luckily, season 3 is on its way… next year. BUT you will need to have a particular taste in show because there has defiantly been mixed reviews. I love the show but at first I did need some convincing so just give it a few episodes before you decide its fate.

How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.


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