American Horror Story Season 6 (FX,2016)

If you want top quality television and have the stomach for a bit of horror and gore then ‘American Horror Story’ is a much watch. Each season has a different story but will include the same actors so your favourite will always appear at one point or another.  The only problem with different stories is everyone has different favourite but everyone can agree that the first three seasons are the best. Season six is the latest instalment but for some reason has seemed to stray away from their usual traditions.

‘My Roanoke nightmare’ is based on a tribe that hangs around outside a house that a young couple had just bought. They torment them, break into their house and make pig noises from the garden but they never seem to really hurt any of the house members but it is only the second episode. It sounds very similar to the first season ‘Murder House’ so to ensure that audiences are kept interested FX shook up their style and turned it into a literal horror story. The story is turned into renactments of ‘real life’ encounter of Shelby and Matt Miller and other family and friends that come to stay at the house. We cut between the ‘real’ Millers and the actors. American horror story is finally a story.


Since the new change many people have been torn between the old and the new. It’s hard to tell if the new style is any good and after 2 episodes it’s still difficult. We are missing some of the beloved conventions of the show such as the creepy opening title sequence and Evan Peters is yet to make an appearance. They have hidden a lot from the audience and it’s difficult to know where the story is headed but we can tell they survive because if they died no one would be there to tell the story.


The excitement before the season seemed to exceed the excitement after the first episode. The marketing campaign was fantastic with FX hiding the theme of the show until the day of realise. We were giving very short teaser trailers that didn’t seem to add up. Each suggested a different story line. Some of the shorts still don’t make any sense. Anticipation was high but we were let down. I hope that the story develops into something fantastic with twists and turns and of course Evan Peters.

How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.


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Scooby-Doo The Movie (Raja Gosnell 2002)

As a kid Scooby Doo was my favourite movie. At the age of 6 I went to the cinema with my parents and younger brother to watch this fantastic movie. I was able to see real life adaptions of my favourite cartoon characters and got to see Buffy play Daphne (Sarah Michelle Gellar). The childhood love for this film has stretched into my adulthood and I still think it’s one of the best kids films ever made. After stumbling upon my DVD copy hidden away I decided to relive the magic.

After the mystery Gang split up and go their separate ways for a few years, they are all invited to Mystery Island to solve well… the mystery. College kids are being turned into respectable adults (the horror) so of course there is something evil at large. However, as they still don’t get along they split up and search for clues but as this is the Mystery incorporated the feud doesn’t last too long.

The film opens with the case of the Lunar Ghost, where Daphne has been captured by the man in the mask. We are given the unrealistic conventions of the original cartoons, with shaggy (Matthew Lillard) being completely clueless, the pair miraculously surviving death traps and the characters floating in air a few seconds longer than humanly possible. You are thrown into the nostalgia straight away. Once the Lunar Ghost has been captured the fans and Pamela Anderson somehow show up to see the unmasking of Old Man Smithers. We get to hear the great “I would have gotten away with it to, if it weren’t for you rotten kids and your dumb dog…I’ll get you for this”. Yay childhood met. What we don’t usually get to see in the old cartoons though is them arguing at the end of the mission and then quitting the gang and destroying your dreams at the age of 6.

The film then cuts to the very stereotypical few years later because films find the passing of time so hard to portray. We are then given a joke that you defiantly didn’t get as a kid, a delight of re-watching any kid’s film, Shaggy in the van with smoke coming out of the top and the pair laughing like idiots. Yes we 20 year olds have accepted that Shaggy is a stoner but having the film indirectly tell us is a whole different story. When Shaggy ends up falling for a girl named Mary Jane played by Isla Fisher (who is allergic to dogs and loves Scooby snacks) you can’t help but defiantly agree that he smokes weed in his spare time. Another great ruin childhood moment is when shaggy says “you don’t need to know what Voulez-vous coucher avec moi means to love that song”. That’s enough Warner Brothers; this is a kid’s film!

Mystery Island tried to scare the gang but after years of hunting basically serial killers for a living, it’s pretty difficult. Velma (Linda Cardellini) is able to determine all the tricks of the island but when it turns out there is real monsters years of ‘it’s just a man in a mask’ becomes a lie. Even though this film is very good they still manage to taint the original. Daphne is a ninja and Fred (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is shown to be a complete moron. The worst part is the fact that Scrappy Doo is crazy and evil, like why?!

* Scooby walk in dressed as an old lady*

Daphne: “No one is stupid enough to believe that”

Fred: “who’s the ugly broad”.

Luckily they make up for this with immature fart and burp jokes by Shaggy and Scooby having a gas off in front Daphne. If this type of humour isn’t your cup of tea don’t worry because the film is filled with both visual and verbal comedy that is still hilarious now.


As the monsters turn out to be real and aren’t animated like usual, this could be frightening for a 6 year old. To remove the fear they added lots of silly jokes between the monsters and the gang. They also made the monsters fairly stupid, again making this more of a comedy than the usual genre of the cartoons. The only time the monsters are coherent is when they possess people, bringing back the man in the mask idea so they don’t completely ruin the classics. In Shaggy’s attempt to get his friends back to normal he releases their souls. Unfortunately, they go into the wrong bodies. Daphne is in Fred’s and Fred is In Daphne’s, this again calls for some inappropriate humour whilst simultaneously being the best part of the film.

*Fred in Daphne’s body* “Hey, I can look at myself naked” *looks down bra*

The kids’ part is also removed by the clothing of the characters, I’m not one to judge but I never imagine Velma in a crop top and mini skirt. This film was certainly made with both the children and the parents in mind.


The film ends with the conventional saving of the day and the unmasking of the villain. But unlike the usual the villain is a dog … dogs aren’t evil this film is wrong! Fred and Daphne kiss and everything is ok again because kids’ films aren’t allowed to have an unhappy ending. Overall, the film is silly and hilarious for both kids and adults. However, if you have seen this film as both, you may be surprised at to what you will see. I really advice re-watching your childhood favourites because trust me there is a lot you didn’t notice.

How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.


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Rick and Morty (Adult Swim 2014)

Rick and Morty is defiantly not a kid’s show, it may be a cartoon but since it is broadcast on Adult Swim then you can expect very adult content. With more swear words, violence and sexual references it’s not fit for Cartoon Network.

Rick and Morty currently is based on a scientist Rick and his grandson Morty (both voiced by Justin Roiland) who travel through different dimensions on adventures. However, with great power comes great irresponsibility , the two tend to get a bit too involved and get quite a few people involved on the way but as this is for adults they can go all out with some of the situations they get in to.  The pair also lives with Rick’s daughter and Mortys mum Beth (Sarah Chalke) and her idiot husband Jerry (Chris Parnell) a character who gets way too much crap from everyone else. He nearly dies because he’s bad at golf, gets version of himself stuck at a ‘Jerry’ day camp and nearly gets his penis removed to replace the heart of an alien. He is basically just a Jerry (like my Parks and Rec reference). The final character is Mortys sister Summer (Spencer Grammer), she is the typical big sister and occasionally gets dragged into the drama of her brother and grandad.


The show very much focuses on random humour mixing Family Guy with Adventure Time. It seems like all the creators were on drugs. However, it does call for characters such as Mr. poopy Butthole and Mr. Vagina. My favourite character is defiantly Rick, a genius scientist who swears, is constantly drunk and therefore burping and more importantly doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself.


It’s basically the most OTT show ever, with stupid plot lines, characters and a lot of pop culture references. We get a Purge episode and an Inception Episode, where we go into the head of Freddy Kroger, who for some reason says ‘BITCH’ a lot. It has all the makeup of a kids cartoon but without any of the childhood. The show has caused a massive fan following and of course lots of merchandise and memes. With 20 minutes an episode the show is easy to watch and you will be sure to get through the two seasons in only a few days. Luckily, season 3 is on its way… next year. BUT you will need to have a particular taste in show because there has defiantly been mixed reviews. I love the show but at first I did need some convincing so just give it a few episodes before you decide its fate.

How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.


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