Cinderella (Walt Disney 1950)


The 12th Disney Classic is your stereotypical Disney princess movie. The girl has a crappy life, probably because of something her parents or step parents did. They could have pissed off a witch or …died. But don’t worry the prince is here to save her and marry her so she can live ‘Happily ever After’. Even though the couple only just met, they are head over heels in love. With this film I mean it literally.

We all know the plot of Cinderella. She is forced to clean her house under orders of her evil step mother. The king then decides to have a ball to find suiters for her son to marry. Unfortunately, Cinderella is not allowed to go. However, when her Fairy God Mother shows up, she is made beautiful but only until the stroke of midnight. At the ball she finds the prince and they fall in love (gross). When she runs away because her time is running out, she loses a glass slipper. With this slipper the prince goes around the kingdom to see whose feet it would fit. As the shoe only fits Cinderella, he marries her. Of course there are a few issues with this. If the shoe fit her perfectly why did it fall off? Also there are a lot of people with the same shoe size. AND shouldn’t her recognise her anyway? She only had her hair tied up, a bit more make up on and a fancy dress; he obviously didn’t love her that much. But as this is a Disney film, it’s a bit silly to get into the logic of the film.

The film opens with the classic princess way, they even do this in Shrek (Vicky Jenson, 2001). It’s a story book setting up the narrative of the film because being creative must have been difficult back in the 50’s. It does though speed up the whole character introduction. We then get to see the beautiful soon to be princess as an adult. She wakes up happy, gorgeous and talking to animals. This is biggest lie of the film. To make things even more ridiculous she happily sings. I look like death when I wake up, want to kill the birds outside for chirping and if I sing it’s normally in a dull morning voice.  I have been told by people I live with that I look like a troll before my morning cup of tea.


Now I’m going to excuse the talking animals because it’s Disney so you expect nothing less. The made a film about talking toys so I don’t think they strive for realism. Plus some of the animals are super cute. The best animal is defiantly the cat Lucifer. Perfectly describes cats.  Cinderella helps these animals and has so much empathy for everything. Why are all the princesses like a perfect representation of women? It does give little girls an idea of how to behave but I’m not sure if that is entirely a good thing. I might just be in shock about how differently she acts compared to me. For example, if I was forced to cook and clean for my bitchy step mum and sisters and she treated me like that, I’m 100% sure that I would have put draining fluid in their morning tea by now.  I mean Cinderella even pulls a Snow White by ‘Whistling while she works’ because all good women enjoy house work. I think the final straw would be my step sisters destroying my dress so I couldn’t go out.

cin cleaning

Luckily, Cinderella has a Fairy God Mother, who for some reason has only just decided to help her, despite the poor girls past few years. Again I would forgive this because of how catchy her song is.  All bad things in a film can be forgiven with a great musical number!

Have a good time, dance, and be gay.

A quote that would defiantly mean something different now but would still be just as fun!


Despite Cinderella being forced to cook and clean the prince is also being forced to Marry. He looks so done with everyone until he meets Cinderella. They fall in love instantly, like all films like this. I guess they are getting better at realism now with Kristoff and Anna in Frozen (Chris Buck &Jennifer Lee 2013) but it did take a while. We even get another good song to celebrate. To fit with the conventions of a romance, there are conflicts and in this case it’s the spell that for some reason only lasts till midnight. I know that my night out last till about 4am but for children 12 is pretty late.


People attempt to try on the glass slipper but luckily for us they don’t stick to the original with people cutting off toes and parts of their heels. I can’t stress how disturbing many of the Disney films would be if they stuck to the original fairy tales. They would all probably have a 15 age rating. Disney has been lying to us since the start. The shoe fits her and she gets married the next day because that’s how love works kids.

There we go, I guess the moral of the story is to wait and suffer through life until a magical old lady and a handsome man comes to save you. The film is typical for a film of this era and has the usual style for Disney. I think the only reason it’s considered a great film is because of its age and brand. It’s very average and puts across some questionable messages. The music is good for the era but the soundtracks of Disney have defiantly got better.

How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.


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