Mean Girls (Mark Waters 2004)



Mean Girl is just one of those classic teen flicks that pretty much everyone has seen… even my Nan has seen it. So when you read through this, expect a few spoilers because I’m just assuming that you have watched the film. It’s the film for all teens and the last film where we remember Linsey Lohan to be sane.

Cady (Lohan) was home-schooled in Africa but has been forced to start high school in America. She must embrace this new life and put up with the Clicks of the school. She makes friends with Janice (Lizzy Caplan) and Damian (Daniel Franzese) who are two less popular losers. However, when she is invited to sit with the ‘Plastics’ Regina George (Rachel McAdams), Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert) and Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried)  she goes undercover to see what their live are really like.

The film opens with Cady’s mum and dad talking to her like it’s her first day of primary school, this is shown through the condescending language and the tilted up camera angles. However, it is in fact her first day of the worst place on earth, high school. We get voice overs straight away so we know that this film is going to have a constant narrative from our main characters, this does get a little weird when she starts to imagine other characters as wild animals (but to be fair it’s pretty similar).

You get to experience the sad life of secondary/high school, with people just being rude, teachers telling you off and finding it difficult to talk to anyone. We also get the fantastic health class speech.

Don’t have sex because you will get pregnant and die.

The worst thing of all though is defiantly the stuck up bitches that you always get, the prom queen that everyone loves and fears but let’s face it they are essentially the devil. You also get the hot guys that they get to date but you will never get a chance with. But from watching this film do you really want to be popular? There is so much drama and a lot of rules. I don’t want to care about what I eat or worry about what a wear to fit in. If I want to wear tracks to class then I will!!

We also learn that it is great to have rich parents that you can walk all over. Regina’s room is incredible. But when her mother is basically an older version of her you can understand why Regina gets away with what she does. What is even better is the fact that her mother is played by the fantastic Amy Poehler.  It’s weird seeing Leslie Knope having a dog bite her nipples because her boob job is hard as rock.


As this film came out more than ten years ago it taught me a lot about the rules of being a teenager. For example, Halloween is for dressing up like a slut rather than scary. This is a rule I didn’t start to follow until I hit 18. I also learnt how much of a bitch girls can be, they can be manipulative and back stabbing but from my own experience when you find some great friends they are none of these things and pretty much treat you like family … just try not to piss them off because girls still gossip about girls they are friends with.


The climax of the film is basically everyone getting pissed off because a few popular girls decided to start horrible rumours about each other. Again emphasising how horrible high school can really be and how the worst part about it is the other students. But what is the best way to get girls to stop fighting? Get their hair wet that’s how! But after that they go through what actually bothers people and you realise that everyone is a victim. They then went and apologised to everyone they hurt but some of these were pretty poor.

I don’t hate you because you’re fat; you’re fat because I hate you.

However, after all this Cady’s life goes back to the way it was at the very beginning, she was hated until she admitted that she started some of the drama. This is where she apologises and makes a mend (how cliché) by missing most of prom to attend a math competition. The moral of this story is don’t be a bitch because people will hate you and you may even be hit by a bus, which was the unlucky fate of Regina. To make things even better Cady wins prom queen (not sure how) but with the crown she splits it up and gives it the other girls of the school. This is probably the only nice part of the film.  This kind gesture enables her to get the guy of her dreams. AGAIN HOW CLICH.


I would rate this 8 and of 10. It’s a great classic teen flick but doesn’t compare to some of the fantastic cinematic pieces of our time.

How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.


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