Gravity Falls (Disney XD- Alex Hirsch , 2012-2016)


Who knew a cartoon could be so good. Well besides all children and to be honest a lot of adults. But who knew that adults would enjoy a cartoon aimed at children. No, I’m not talking about ‘Bronies’ I’m talking about Gravity Falls. The great show that unfortunately ended in 2016 after just two seasons.gravity falls

When Dipper and Mabel (Jason Pitter and Kristen Schall) visit their grunkle/ great uncle Stan (Alex Hirsch) at the mystery shack, Dipper finds a book in the forest that details the supernatural beings that live in the town of Gravity Falls. The twins encounter these creatures in a number of their adventures. With the help of the book, the other guys at the Mystery Shack and their wits they must fight gnomes and slaughter zombies. It’s all a bit similar to the younger Sam and Dean Winchester in CW’s Supernatural (2005-).

triangle guy

This wacky comedy keeps those of all ages engaged with both visual and audible comedy. They even throw in a few adult jokes. The dialogue will make you laugh out loud. The twins have a fantastic presence along with the many other lovable characters. There is Mable with her incredibly stylish turtle neck jumpers and Dipper with his book of the dead. Other characters include the horrific monsters, such as the golf ball people that decide your fate at mini golf and Cipher the floating triangle that looks far too similar to the Illuminate logo *Que X files theme song*. However, by far the best character is Mabel’s pet Pig Waddles. I mean how can you not love an adorable pet pig!


GRAVITY FALLS – “Time Traveler’s Pig” 

The show follows the traditional structure of a TV series, with season finales and cliff hangers. This means that watching the show in order would be beneficial in understanding the plot. But since many children don’t have the sense to Sky Plus the show, some parts must be confusing ,especially since the show stopped airing in early 2016 after just 2 seasons.


However, to celebrate, the creators left a scavenger hunt for the fandom. This took place in the small city of Reedsport (population 4,000), where fans gathered in the woods in the middle of the night. Bit creepy but it does fit with the style of the show.

This show is one of the high quality shows for kids brining back nostalgia from when Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon actually had good stuff. I mean Disney’s ‘Dog with a Blog’ was rock bottom for the channel. I miss show like ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’!

So even if you aren’t the recommended age just give it a go. The show is original and a good 20 minute chill out after a long day at school or the office. I love to sit back and relax after a long day at the BBC studios. It may be Disney but Disney is good.


How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.


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