The Moulin Rouge (Baz Luhrmann, 2001)

When you think of musicals you expect the usual girl meets boy and they sing about their issues and their undying love for each other. WELL in the case of ‘The Moulin Rouge’ you would technically be right. However, the film isn’t as happy or as normal as the usual musical. Granted musicals aren’t usually normal because real life isn’t full of random musical numbers with dances that everyone knows the moves to. BUT this film is even weirder than that.

When Christian (Ewan McGregor) is mistaken for the call girl Satine’s (Nicole Kidman) new client, things get a little heated between the two and they quickly and I mean quickly  fall in love. However, when her official client walks in, they make up the excuse that Christian was in her room rehearsing a new play. So to keep up the act they must in fact create this play.

As this is a film directed by Baz Luhrmann, who is also responsible for ‘The Great Gatsby’ (2013) and the modern ‘Romeo and Juliet’ (1996), you can expect overdramatic fabulousness. The colours are beautiful with deep shades of red and gold. The costumes are glamorous. The actions are exaggerated and EVERYTHING IS MAD…. there is a moon singing opera. It’s a truly beautiful film but you will need to have a particular taste to enjoy the film as much as I did.


The best part of any musical is of course the songs! Considering the film is set in 1900 France we get songs from Elton John and other modern songs as well as some originals, my favourite being ‘Spectacular Spectacular’ that follows the rhythm of Can Can. This is a feature used in many other of Luhrmann’s films, especially the Great Gatsby. Our fantastic director is also great at foreshadowing, with the plot of the play within the film basically reflecting the plot of the film itself. The film even ends with the two becoming one. A film as well done as this is one that should be celebrated and perhaps even studied. Yes, this film has received six Golden Globes, eight Oscars and many more awards.

Despite all the craziness you will fall in love with all the characters and will get very emotional over our two lovers. Trust me when I first saw it with two of my friends they were both crying at the end. The dramatic ending will leave you full of emotion. Even though many of Ewin McGregor’s lines of cheesy as hell, it’s still going to make you cry.

Satine: Besides, I can’t fall in love with anyone

Christian: Can’t… fall… in love? But, a life without love, that’s… terrible…

Satine: No, being on the street, that’s terrible.

Christian: No! Love is like oxygen!

Satine: What?

Christian: Love is a many splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love!

Christian: [bursts out into song]

mr 1

BUT this film would be noting without the incredible acting and voices of Ewan McGregor (who knew he could sing?) and Nicole Kidman. The two are beautiful singers and highly talented. They make convincing lovers and bring this story to life.

I would defiantly suggest this film (10/10)!

Another great song from the film.


Film pick of the week: ‘The Moulin Rouge’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’

TV pick of the week: Netflix original series ‘Stranger Things’


How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.


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