The Conjuring 2 (James Wan 2016)

Many sequels are worse than the original but I will stress the many part. The sequel to The Conjuring is fantastic. However, it is extremely different, making it difficult to tell that they are a part of the same franchise. Luckily, they decided to keep two and only two of the characters from the original. Instead of scraping the barrel from the original, we are given a new storyline and a new haunting or two if you include the infamous Amityville house shown in the first five minutes.


The film follows the story of the famous London haunting in Enfield. For those of you unaware of the story I will post a link below. BUT as this is Hollywood the story has been changed to be exaggerated and truly horrific. Since the original story is pretty sinister then you can imagine how creepy this film is. Whilst watching my heart was pounding and I had Goosebumps but it didn’t help when my house mates screamed at every jump scare and as this is a Wan, there was a lot. “It was shit scary”.  On the other hand, just when you thought the trouble of an evil man haunting and possessing a young girl isn’t enough, they add another side story… a spooky Nun who is nowhere as creepy as Anabelle and much like the terrifying doll is getting their own spin off.


The film follows the Enfield story pretty well but adds some elements and builds up more of an engaging narrative compared to a few weird voices and some violent Lego. Instead we are given moving through walls and dogs turning into fairy tale characters (yeah I don’t know either). They have seemed to remove showing some of the main elements of the original story and briefly brush up on what happened through short conversation or a recreation of the documentary on the haunting. Therefore, I advise to either pay attention, read up on the actual haunting and don’t take this film as a guide to the truth because after all this is show business.


The use of lighting like most of Wan’s supernatural horrors is incredible. We are left literally in the dark and are surrounded by the heavy fog of the unknown. Camera angles hide potential horror and leave us on edge as to if we will actually see our monster. If all this wasn’t enough to keep us in the edge of our seat, the sound track really builds tension. With drama drones, stabs and stings the sound along is enough to freak you out for the night. If you want to create a great haunted house on Halloween just play the soundtrack for this film and I assure you guests will freak out.

Link to story:


I would defiantly rate this as one of the best horror films of the year!

How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.


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