Virtually Famous (E4 2014-)

In 2014 E4 decided to release a quiz show based around viral videos. We basically get to watch YouTube on a quiz show with a bunch of C list celebrities. Hosted by Glee’s Kevin McHale and starring Chris Stark and Seann Walsh, Virtually Famous asks questions based on the best videos online. Every Tuesday night I get a dose of Gif’s, Memes and vids. Even though it is recently finished airing, we can expect a new season in good time. (I’m, sure 40D has a few episodes available).


They start with the typical humorous introduction of our special guests because all comedy live shows must start with banter. Luckily, this usually ends in Seann Walsh swearing and a viral video being shown. Round one is always the same with ‘Meet the makers’ where we meet the creator of a viral video and both us and the contestant need to guess who the maker is. However, they are not allowed to talk to so it’s pretty much a guessing game. Yeah, the quiz show is not general knowledge. You either need to have seen most YouTube videos or be really good at guessing.

The second round is just a silly round where anything goes. I’ve seen electrocuting bar maids and giant football pool. Again not really anything we can help with but it is funny to watch. This quiz show is very much like ITV’S Celebrity Juice. It is hilarious and just puts you in a great mood on a late Tuesday night.  The final round is the clip fire clip round, where a number of images represent a clip and then a question. They save the best till last and give us our great viral videos. I feel however, that time fly’s when you are having fun and that the round is just far too short.


The 35 minute show gives you a great laugh and a look into the eyes of a few of our British celebs and an American host attempting to get used to life in Britain. These guests may include Radio One DJ’S and the stars of ‘Made in Chelsea’ but you can’t expect Oscar Winners on a show like this. I find it makes the show all the more special.  You would have thought though that they would have some famous YouTubers as guests but alas we get our beloved C listers. It’s wacky and I find E4 equivalent of Celebrity Juice. You can really join in but you can laugh and attempt to figure out what they are actually doing.


How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.

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