Sleep Away Camp (Robert Hiltzik 1983)

Sleep Away Camp may sound like a nice episode of ‘Goosebumps’ or ‘Are you afraid of the dark’ (ah the 90’s) but trust me it is not suitable for children. The film is all about a serial killer murdering staff and children at a summer camp in America. However, from the beginning we kind of have a strong idea who the killer actually is. Therefore, we need plot twist and some interesting ways of killing and trust me the film delivers.


When Angela’s (Felissa Rose) twin brother and farther die in a boating accident, Angela ends up living with her cousin Ricky Thomas (Jonathan Tiersten) and her absolutely crazy aunty (Desiree Gould). After her trauma and years of putting up with her Phycho aunt, there is no wonder that Angela is slightly damaged and doesn’t really talk to anyone except her cousin. Therefore, when the two go to sleep away camp she is bullied by the other girls and taken advantage of.

Trust me though when you meet the aunt, right from the beginning you can tell that she is mad as a bat.

sleep aunty

This film reminds me of Carrie, you don’t exactly feel bad for her victim because they were absolutely horrid to her. Nothing is better than just desserts! The best revenge however is defiantly when the 40 year old cook tries to rape her so she simply pushes him into a big pot of boiling water. Pretty much what we should do to anyone who tries to do that. It may be horrific but you don’t often feel sorry.

Angela is also very sweet and shy so we can’t help but love her. She is awkward around people and doesn’t really know what to say to people. However, when a boy finds a liking to her you can’t help but feel happy for her. He is one of the only other guys, besides her cousin who treats her like a person. So like all good love stories in a horror… one of them has to die. Yes, he pushes her into sex and if you have ever seen the film, the twist ending will explain why she isn’t too keen on getting naked in front of him.


Like some fantastic horror films all the killing is done in POV (point of view) so we don’t actually see who the killer is but since you kind of have a good idea, the illusion is ruined. BUT the twist ending will more than make up for it!

The killing is creative for an 80’s movie and includes a bit too much violence towards children…I’m surprised they can get away with some of the things included in the movie. Prepare for controversy and feeling uncomfortable.

The film may not be scary but it is a good watch and a great example on why not to bully the shy kid… you may just end up dead.

How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.

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