The Walking Dead, Last Day on Earth (Greg Nicotero, 2016)

The season 6 finale of The Walking Dead shocked audiences and left them desperately needing answers. WHO DIED?! Many people on the Twitter pole have guessed Glenn, Daryl or Eugene. We do however know that it wasn’t Carl, not just because Negan said but also because you can clearly see all of Negan. On the other hand, many people are also saying that it was the camera man who was bludgeoned to death by a bat wrapped in barbed wire. If the episode wasn’t traumatic enough, leave it to the internet to make a few dozen Memes to add to the pain.


When Maggie falls Ill due to her pregnancy, the group attempt to drive over to Hill Top for medical attention. However, when the saviours block their path with a number of obstacles, the group decide to walk the rest of the way.  BUT to the annoyance of the entire world, they get captured by the saviours and the deadly Negan. Negan wants the group to work for them and to sign the new work agreement he kills one of the group members. Unfortunately, we don’t know who it is.

meme 1

The whole episode left everyone on edge because of the knowledge that someone was going to get smacked with a bat. I pretty much struggled to watch, waiting for someone to die and waiting for Negan to make an appearance. With Negan teaching both the characters and audience just how scary he can be, each road block gets more intense.  There are more people, weapons and dead bodies along the way, as well as a few Katniss impressions. All this leads up to the capture of our group. Well everyone except Morgan and Carol.5cac6e33a11c4c52cc582730a7f745fe

During the most stressful scene in the shows history Negan walks out the trailer like he owns the world. But it is terrifying, even the merciless Rick Grimes is terrified. You know when Risk is scared something is seriously wrong. You sit and watch as each member is threatened and fearful for their lives. The acting is truly incredible to look THAT hopeless. Things seem even more impressive once you learn that they took 15 hours to film this scene. That’s 15 hours of sitting on your knees and crying.

To stick to the comics Negan begins to chant Ennie meenie to decide who to murder. Thanks to the framing and filming techniques we are left disoriented in position of character and are given a POV of the victim. Yes, the show did the evil thing and killed someone off without us knowing who. I know I am going to grieve but I don’t know who for! I can’t deal with this. Not even the cast know who died.


The show is difficult to watch and just bloody fantastic. However, I feel that the walkers are no longer the main threat. The show brings to light the animalistic and evil nature of man. The prospects for a zombie apocalypse no longer seem as cool.

I will say that the episode was a huge improvement from the other season finales, especially season 5. The 90 minute spectacular from season 5 didn’t really shock audiences and leave them wanting more but trust me they made up for it in season 6.


How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.

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