Krampus (Michael Dougherty, 2015)

Yes I know it is March and I am reviewing a Christmas film but who said we can’t watch Christmas movies in spring? We don’t just watch horror films on October 31st or Friday the 13th on the most unlucky day of the year. So we can watch this Christmas horror any time of the year.

When Max (Emjay Anthony) rips up his Christmas list after a fight with his cousins, an evil Santa comes to punish his family and the rest of the town. Krampus plants some evil toys, food and elves to do his dirty work. I know that they don’t sound too scary but trust me they are creepy as hell.


The film opens with a hilarious yet realistic representation of Black Friday, well representation of Black Friday. Since I am not American, I can’t actually tell how accurate the scene is. If it is real, I gotta say Americans do love their shopping! From this scene you can assume that what you are about to watch falls into the comedy genre. However, due to some of the fairly frightening scenes later on you can also assume that the film is a horror. Therefore, Krampus is defiantly a good example of a hybrid genre. We see some snippets of comedy, a lot of the conventions from horror and of course evil Santa means a Christmas film.

When the horror finally kicks in it is fairly creepy but when you finally do see the monsters you can’t help but think that what you are watching is ridiculous. Giant jacks in the box that eat people, evil ginger bread cookies and a demon teddy bear aren’t really scary but they are hilarious. Depending on what people find freighting, there are going to be several reactions to this film.  I personally though it was odd but my brother loved the film and made us watch it again they day after. Yep I have now seen a Christmas film twice in one month.  I mean do you find this scary or funny:



The prop department must have had a ton of fun on this film.

My favourite part about the film is defiantly Adam Scott’s character Tom. He seems to be the only character who seems to think that the whole thing is just absolutely bonkers but does accepts the situation he is in. He knows that he is being stabbed by a toy robot but just think it’s crazy.


adam scott

Oh you’ve got to be kidding me!

The film ending is rather confusing. You don’t know if you should feel happy or sad. I you can’t really tell if the dog died or not (a very important question in any film). It doesn’t help when can’t tell you either.  Even though it is crazy, it has a very good twist on the original Christmas films and I would suggest that you do sit and watch it either now or during December.

How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.


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