Lip Sync Battle UK (Channel 5,2016)

We have all seen the incredible American Lip Sync Battles. Starting off with the Jimmy Fallon, the trend suddenly took everyone by storm. With performances on the show from celebrities such as Emma Stone, Joseph Gordon Levitt and of course the original creator of the competition Stephen Merchant. From the success of this small segment on the chat show, Lip Sync battle became an official show in the USA. However, as the UK and the USA have a habit of copying each other the UK thought that they should give the show a British spin. Hosted by Professor Green and Mel B the first episode was aired 8th January on Channel 5, with the two brits David Walliams and Alesha Dixon battling it out.


If you don’t know what the show is, basically two celebrities go head to head and lip sync songs throughout two rounds. Round one is a warm up round and is by far the most boring. Honestly, if they want to keep the audience entertained put the same amount of effort in both performances. Therefore, obviously the second round is where the celeb palls it out of the bag and shows off all their great dance moves and hilarious facial expressions. Then at the end of both rounds the audience cheers to determine the winner. And to be fair, this is a terrible way to determine the winner because it hard to truly tell who won, can’t the audience just write it down or something?

With the first episode of the show giving us a very mediocre first round from both celebrities, it really put some of the audience to sleep, when watching it with my family my dad on several occasions went “ this is crap” “the Americans did it way better”. The show has way too much banter and ‘trash talk’, making the programme both cheesy and time consuming. They really could fit in another three rounds if they took out all the banter. Luckily, all the effort it put into the second round, where they get fancy costumes , props and back ground dancers. These last two songs put the British version in league with the American. We just have to hope that they keep it up and produce some fantastic battles to make it onto the top 10 Lip Sync battles.

Overall, David preformed a fantastic version of Adele’s ‘Hello’ but Alesha won with Taylor Swifts ‘Bad Blood’. Who do you think should have won?

David ( Hello)

or  Alesha


Personally i believe that David was bar far the best but it is the audiences decision.

How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.

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Here are my top 10 Lip sync battles (excluding Davids performance).

Joseph Groden Levett and Stephen Merchant on Jimmy Fallon. 


Emma Stone on Jimmy Fallon 

Lip Sync Battle – Stephen Merchant ( Dirty )

Malin Akerman (talk dirty to me)

Terry Crew (1000 miles)

John Krasinski (proud mary )

Julianne Hough (i just had sex)

Anna Kendrick ( Big booty)

Anne Hathaway (Wrecking Ball)

Gregg Sulkin ( Milkshake)



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