It’s a Boy Girl thing (Nick Hurran, 2006)

There are plenty of films where people switch bodies, we have Freaky Friday and Hot Chick, But apparently it was time for a new film. However, this is much more romantic compared to living in your mother or a 40 year old man.

When two feuding neighbours Nell Bedworth (Samaire Armstrong) and Woody Deane (Kevin Zegers) switch bodies because of a stereotypical hoodoo spell, they must experience each other’s very different lives. The girl happens to be a typical ‘nerd’ and the boy a typical ‘jock’ so of course when it comes to high school they struggle when the role reverses. This film basically teaches us not to fight with people you hate in front of old statues of magical gods.

boy girl thing

Before everything switches up, we get to see the difference in lives. Nell is expected to go to Yale and eats a very fancy breakfast at the cleanest house you have ever seen. Whereas Woody is expected to get a football scholarship and eat the greatest fry up I have ever seen. The boy then proceeds to cover the girl in water and essentially bully her for the first part of the film, this includes putting porn up on her computer so even though the girl is slightly stuck up I am definitely on her side.  And to add to the stereotypes Woody has a skinny blonde bitch girlfriend called Breanna Bailey (Brooke D’Orsay).

But the film wastes no time so the very next time they wake up as very different people. I wouldn’t really be sure what to do if I woke up with a penis and morning wood. Luckily the film lets us know that hitting it with a spoon is not the best thing to do. But the best thing about switching bodies with your enemy is messing with each other’s lives. You could do your report on Jay Lo or call your girlfriend a “filthy little slut” in front of the cafeteria or you could even play American football really badly to ruin their chance of a scholarship. However, my favourite is getting to dress the other person. With a nerdy girl dressed as a ‘high class hooker’ and the captain of the football team dressed like he’s about to go to Sunday service.  The revenge doesn’t stop there, when Nell breaks up with Breanna, Woody decides to loose Nell’s virginity but this doesn’t go to plan when he realises that he would be sleeping with a guy. She may look like a girl but she doesn’t think like one


But this event causes them to become friends, when they beat up the guy spreading rumours and decide to sit down and talk. This long overdue conversation, which doesn’t take place until 46 minutes into the film results in them trying to finally solve the problem. Let’s face it if that was any of us, we would have tried to fix this problem as soon as it started!  Sadly, it’s not that easy to fix so in the meantime Woody teaches Nell to play football and Nell helps Woody study for her Yale interview. Cue the montage!

Another great few scenes, is when they get to experience a night out of the opposite sex. The boys get drunk and make out with women and apparently girls wax each other’s bikini lines.  So now that everyone understands each other’s lives and gets along the romance can begin. Woody asks Nell to homecoming and the cute flirting commences.  However, thanks to the mother Woody gets called ‘a looser that’s trouble’ and they get in ANOTHER argument.

So after many stereotypes on gender and popularity as well as a few fights between our two characters, Woody must attend Nell’s interview and Nell must play Woody’s game. Of course everything starts off bad. Woody starts to talk about how modern poetry ‘sucks’ and Nell messes up the first half of the game. Luckily, everything works out and they manage to get into their chosen universities. However the film wouldn’t be complete without one last argument. Woody gets caught kissing his ex and ends up going to the prom with Brianna. But when Nell shows up looking beautiful, he leaves are half naked Brianna for the girl we knew her would end up with from the beginning. If you want to find true love just switch bodies with someone you hate.


So it may not be a realistic romance but it’s still a great chick flick to watch with the girls or with a nice glass of anything. Trust me it may seem PG but some of the references are defiantly 18.


How have you not seen this? – Deathbyapril- April Ely.

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