The Incredibles (Brad Bird, 2004

To celebrate the release of the sequel in 2016, I think it is time to revisit an old family classic animation. The Incredibles is the movie after, when our super hero’s gets the girl and then has a few kids. This is normally the happy ending but for our incredible family, it is just the beginning.

When Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) tires of his normal life, he goes off to join a secret organisation on a tropical island. But when Mrs. Incredible (Holly Hunter) suspects him of cheating, she and her two children; Dash (Spencer Fox) and Violet (Sarah Vowell) go on a mission to find him. This may seem easy but as this is a super hero film there are villains, explosions and some epic fight scenes.

poster incredibles

The film opens with interviews from the superhero’s talking about their secret identity, this then brilliantly cuts into a “what are they doing now”/ their family lives. This includes Mr. incredible killing villains and getting cats out of trees on his way to his wedding to the incredibly “flexible” elsata- girl. But of course this all goes wrong with idiot ‘side kicks’ showing up, bombs on train tracks and people jumping off buildings “who didn’t want to be saved”. Yes, Mr. Incredible gets sued for foiling a suicide attempt.  Causing all the superhero’s to give up their day job and walk among us normal people.

We then get introduced to the entire family / Incredibles. Our super heroes have powers that can reflect their personality. Dash the excitable kid has super speed. The self-conscious daughter can turn invincible and put up force fields. The mother, who is expected to do everything, is very elastic and the father who is expected to save everyone and protect his family has super strength. Lastly, the baby is able to shapeshift, reflecting his potential.  Other super heroes can include the incredibly cool Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson). He is probably the one for the one liner and funny situations. What do you do if a police officer says freeze? You literally freeze.

Unfortunately, this normal ‘apple pie’ life gets thrown through a window or in this case thrown through a wall, when he throws his boss through 7 booths. However, this does give him an excuse to take up his old ways and start fighting again.

But if you start fighting again, you are going to need a fantastic outfit with “no capes”. After all, dress for the job you want, no the job you have, or in this case both.  And if you want your outfit to look hella cute, make sure your entire family has the same one. You will also need to make sure that the suit can stretch to incredible sizes, is bullet proof and can with stand temperature of over 1,000 degrees.


If matching outfits doesn’t bring the family together, then fighting for survival sure will. When the mum and two children attempt to find their dad on an island filled with bad guys that want to kill them, the idea of the “white picket fence” is soon destroyed. But when you get to kick ass with your significant other, it really brings out your love for each other.

“wow, I love you”

Even though this is classed as a super hero movie, there are some very funny moments.   My favourite scene is when elasta girl gets stuck between three doors, each with a different body part stuck in a different door. Door number one is elasta girls leg, number two is her stomach and number three is her head.  This leads to some very confused guards.

However, when it comes to working with your family, things get complicated. Simple things such as driving to save the world, involve a lot more arguing and car crashes than usual (or does it?) and a lot of ‘wait here’s’ and ‘stay out of trouble’ but in the end its to save each other and love each other. This shows that this film truly is a great representation of the importance of family.

 Frozone: We are talking about the greater good

Wife: The greater good, the greater good, I am your wife, I am the greatest good you are ever gunna get”.

As this film is family based, it doesn’t’ end with the boy getting the girl but the family saving the day and having fun family memories together. Violet gets the confidence to talk to her crush and Dash runs track. And of course like all families they fight crime and kick ass.  It really is the perfect film to bring the whole family together.  I would give this  film five stars.

deathbyapril – April Ely. 

How have you not seen this?

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