The Fear (BBC 3 , 2015)

15 minute thought on the BBC 3 show ‘The Fear’. Basically, let’s see if I can write a review in 15 minutes.

BBC 3 is the home of original documentaries and one great new programme is ‘The Fear’, where amateur hopefuls send in their short horrors in a hope to win £2,000 for their next project. Yes, our producers/ directors send in their home made movies to be reviewed at a cinema screening. Each film will then be rated out of ten based on the ‘fear factor’. The top three will then be reviewed by co-director of the Blair Witch Project (Daniel Myrick& Eduardo Sánchez, 1999) Eduardo Sánchez.

the fear

Even though all of these films may not be up to standard compared to the box office horror we see today, as a media student who appreciated amateur work, they are still very impressive. And considering the fact that many of these films were made in the comfort of their own homes, you really appreciate the high quality shorts they produce. The show gives us the chance to see some truly original and innovative pieces, with disturbing story lines and creative filming techniques; you can’t help but want to know what they make next. My favourite being ‘The portrait’ played in the penultimate episode, where a painting comes to life, leaves the painting and brutally murders the rather stupid buyer. Seriously if you buy painting THAT CREEPY you deserve something bad to happen to you.

Another great aspect to this 30 minute late night show is the fact that the show gives aspiring filmmakers a chance to showcase their work. We need to see more creative films and we need to find some new faces to shake up the horror genre. We have had enough of falling over when running away, we have had enough of flashlights running out of battery at inappropriate times and we defiantly have had enough of false jump scare. IT IS TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW!

However, as great as this sounds, there are a few annoying elements. Within each week, we have a series of everyday people coming into the cinema and reviewing our chosen films. Now don’t get me wrong, the people who come in are great, there are a variety of people who all seem to be the same age and have very engaging personalities. But we need to meet some new faces or at least get rid of some of the old.

The show is still on over on BBC3 and is available on iPlayer, so if you can catch up now you will be ready just in time for the final on Monday 23rd. I would suggest you give at a go and remember these films are meant to impress and win so expect a few jump scares and a lot of horror.

How have you not seen this- April Ely Deathbyapril.

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the babadook


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