The Worlds End (Edgar Wright, 2013)

The Worlds End

From the Director of ‘Suan of the Dead’ (2004) and ‘Hot fuzz’ (2007), comes the next instalment in our trilogy. The Worlds End directed by the master of Visual comedy; Edgar Wright, manages to create the end of the world once more. BUT instead of the typical blood, guts and gore, we get blue ink, gut hurting laughter and Gary King. And of course we have our beloved stars; Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.


When a group of friends are unable to finish a pub crawl known as the Golden Mile, the leader of the gang Gary King reunites the lot and attempt the crawl again. This seems like a totally harmless plot. However, when the hometown town of the Golden Mile ‘Newton Haven’ is taken over by robots, things get a little complicated.

As we can expect from Edgar Wright, the film includes some creative and innovative film making, with the use of sound perfectly accompanying action and the employment of foreshadowing as a mass plot device. This is perfectly represented in the opening scene, when we hear the music ‘ready begin’; we lucky viewers are then bombarded with a huge backstory to all our characters within a space of about 3 minutes. So if you want to keep up with the trilogy, you need to make sure that you are paying attention at all times!

It turns out that this backstory is being told, not only to the audience but to an AA group. This of course gives us the impression that Gary has not only mucked up his life but through the juxtaposition of the success of the others’ lives, it shows how well everyone else did compared to him. So who are these successful friends? Nick frost from the other trilogy’s, Martin Freeman from Hot Fuzz, Paddy Considine from Hot Fuzz and Eddie Marsan from …nothing else? As well as these main characters, check out some of the extras actors/ actresses that appear in ‘Suan of the Dead’ and ‘Hot Fuzz’. Basically, the film is giving us a lot of small Easter eggs.

Check out the ultimate cross over trailer

In addition, like I stated before, the film is brilliant at foreshadowing, with Gary King constantly referring to the group of 5 as the 5 Musketeers, till eventually he can actually call them the 3 Musketeers, you can only feel sadly comfortable until at least 2 of them have died. However, one of the best omens is the names of each of the pubs. With each name representing what happens in there pub. We have a car drive into the Whole in the Wall, The Old Familiar looks exactly like the pub before, the famous creepy twins are found at The Two Headed Dog, there is a big fight in the Cross Hands and of course the world ends at The Worlds End.

golden mile

After our hero’s drink a lot of beer, a bathroom break is in order and unfortunately for Garry he picks on the wrong kid/ robot to start on. Causing, Gary to freak out and be yelled at by Andy (Nick Frost) until Andy realises that Gary is holding a decapitated head. In every film these two are in together, they both seem so oblivious to everything until it’s far too late.

Yes, the main monsters this time aren’t zombies but some ninja robots with blue ink for blood and just can’t seem to die …EVER! And with the whole town like this, the boys are required to kick ass and brush up on their acting skills. This calls for some bad ass fight scenes and some hilarious jokes/ one liners.

Despite, all the fighting, murder and the end of the world, the film is also extremely romantic. With a love triangle between Gary King, Sam Chamberlain (Rosamund Pike) and Steven Prince (Paddy Considine), robots are not the boy’s only problems. But With Gary wanting a quickie in the disabled toilet and Steven admitting his long love for Sam, you can kind of tell who she ends up with. So as long as the boy gets the girl, the end of the world isn’t that bad.

One recurring gag within the movie is of course the fact that even though robots from space are trying to kill everyone, Gary refuses to abandon the pub crawl. So during fight scenes you can mainly just see Gary drop his drinks and make new ones. The boys could have also escaped alive at pub 10 but his persistence gets them to The Worlds End and he manages to destroy the whole world in the process.

So how does the world actually end? Well the 3 musketeers basically have a yelling match with an alien… and they leave. Unfortunately, the shock wave of the base being destroyed results in all the power to go off but to the surprise of us all the ,the robots are still up and alive, just very similar to zombies. (And with no WI-Fi/ & Cornettoes, I’m not surprised the world went to hell).

So basically this film is everything you can expect from an Edgar Wright/ Nick Frost/ Simon Pegg mash up.

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How have you not seen this?

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