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The Incredibles (Brad Bird, 2004

To celebrate the release of the sequel in 2016, I think it is time to revisit an old family classic animation. The Incredibles is the movie after, when our super hero’s gets the girl and then has a few kids. This is normally the happy ending but for our incredible family, it is just the beginning.

When Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) tires of his normal life, he goes off to join a secret organisation on a tropical island. But when Mrs. Incredible (Holly Hunter) suspects him of cheating, she and her two children; Dash (Spencer Fox) and Violet (Sarah Vowell) go on a mission to find him. This may seem easy but as this is a super hero film there are villains, explosions and some epic fight scenes.

poster incredibles

The film opens with interviews from the superhero’s talking about their secret identity, this then brilliantly cuts into a “what are they doing now”/ their family lives. This includes Mr. incredible killing villains and getting cats out of trees on his way to his wedding to the incredibly “flexible” elsata- girl. But of course this all goes wrong with idiot ‘side kicks’ showing up, bombs on train tracks and people jumping off buildings “who didn’t want to be saved”. Yes, Mr. Incredible gets sued for foiling a suicide attempt.  Causing all the superhero’s to give up their day job and walk among us normal people.

We then get introduced to the entire family / Incredibles. Our super heroes have powers that can reflect their personality. Dash the excitable kid has super speed. The self-conscious daughter can turn invincible and put up force fields. The mother, who is expected to do everything, is very elastic and the father who is expected to save everyone and protect his family has super strength. Lastly, the baby is able to shapeshift, reflecting his potential.  Other super heroes can include the incredibly cool Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson). He is probably the one for the one liner and funny situations. What do you do if a police officer says freeze? You literally freeze.

Unfortunately, this normal ‘apple pie’ life gets thrown through a window or in this case thrown through a wall, when he throws his boss through 7 booths. However, this does give him an excuse to take up his old ways and start fighting again.

But if you start fighting again, you are going to need a fantastic outfit with “no capes”. After all, dress for the job you want, no the job you have, or in this case both.  And if you want your outfit to look hella cute, make sure your entire family has the same one. You will also need to make sure that the suit can stretch to incredible sizes, is bullet proof and can with stand temperature of over 1,000 degrees.


If matching outfits doesn’t bring the family together, then fighting for survival sure will. When the mum and two children attempt to find their dad on an island filled with bad guys that want to kill them, the idea of the “white picket fence” is soon destroyed. But when you get to kick ass with your significant other, it really brings out your love for each other.

“wow, I love you”

Even though this is classed as a super hero movie, there are some very funny moments.   My favourite scene is when elasta girl gets stuck between three doors, each with a different body part stuck in a different door. Door number one is elasta girls leg, number two is her stomach and number three is her head.  This leads to some very confused guards.

However, when it comes to working with your family, things get complicated. Simple things such as driving to save the world, involve a lot more arguing and car crashes than usual (or does it?) and a lot of ‘wait here’s’ and ‘stay out of trouble’ but in the end its to save each other and love each other. This shows that this film truly is a great representation of the importance of family.

 Frozone: We are talking about the greater good

Wife: The greater good, the greater good, I am your wife, I am the greatest good you are ever gunna get”.

As this film is family based, it doesn’t’ end with the boy getting the girl but the family saving the day and having fun family memories together. Violet gets the confidence to talk to her crush and Dash runs track. And of course like all families they fight crime and kick ass.  It really is the perfect film to bring the whole family together.  I would give this  film five stars.

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Pixels (Chris Columbus,2015)


The Fear (BBC 3 , 2015)

15 minute thought on the BBC 3 show ‘The Fear’. Basically, let’s see if I can write a review in 15 minutes.

BBC 3 is the home of original documentaries and one great new programme is ‘The Fear’, where amateur hopefuls send in their short horrors in a hope to win £2,000 for their next project. Yes, our producers/ directors send in their home made movies to be reviewed at a cinema screening. Each film will then be rated out of ten based on the ‘fear factor’. The top three will then be reviewed by co-director of the Blair Witch Project (Daniel Myrick& Eduardo Sánchez, 1999) Eduardo Sánchez.

the fear

Even though all of these films may not be up to standard compared to the box office horror we see today, as a media student who appreciated amateur work, they are still very impressive. And considering the fact that many of these films were made in the comfort of their own homes, you really appreciate the high quality shorts they produce. The show gives us the chance to see some truly original and innovative pieces, with disturbing story lines and creative filming techniques; you can’t help but want to know what they make next. My favourite being ‘The portrait’ played in the penultimate episode, where a painting comes to life, leaves the painting and brutally murders the rather stupid buyer. Seriously if you buy painting THAT CREEPY you deserve something bad to happen to you.

Another great aspect to this 30 minute late night show is the fact that the show gives aspiring filmmakers a chance to showcase their work. We need to see more creative films and we need to find some new faces to shake up the horror genre. We have had enough of falling over when running away, we have had enough of flashlights running out of battery at inappropriate times and we defiantly have had enough of false jump scare. IT IS TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW!

However, as great as this sounds, there are a few annoying elements. Within each week, we have a series of everyday people coming into the cinema and reviewing our chosen films. Now don’t get me wrong, the people who come in are great, there are a variety of people who all seem to be the same age and have very engaging personalities. But we need to meet some new faces or at least get rid of some of the old.

The show is still on over on BBC3 and is available on iPlayer, so if you can catch up now you will be ready just in time for the final on Monday 23rd. I would suggest you give at a go and remember these films are meant to impress and win so expect a few jump scares and a lot of horror.

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The Worlds End (Edgar Wright, 2013)

The Worlds End

From the Director of ‘Suan of the Dead’ (2004) and ‘Hot fuzz’ (2007), comes the next instalment in our trilogy. The Worlds End directed by the master of Visual comedy; Edgar Wright, manages to create the end of the world once more. BUT instead of the typical blood, guts and gore, we get blue ink, gut hurting laughter and Gary King. And of course we have our beloved stars; Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.


When a group of friends are unable to finish a pub crawl known as the Golden Mile, the leader of the gang Gary King reunites the lot and attempt the crawl again. This seems like a totally harmless plot. However, when the hometown town of the Golden Mile ‘Newton Haven’ is taken over by robots, things get a little complicated.

As we can expect from Edgar Wright, the film includes some creative and innovative film making, with the use of sound perfectly accompanying action and the employment of foreshadowing as a mass plot device. This is perfectly represented in the opening scene, when we hear the music ‘ready begin’; we lucky viewers are then bombarded with a huge backstory to all our characters within a space of about 3 minutes. So if you want to keep up with the trilogy, you need to make sure that you are paying attention at all times!

It turns out that this backstory is being told, not only to the audience but to an AA group. This of course gives us the impression that Gary has not only mucked up his life but through the juxtaposition of the success of the others’ lives, it shows how well everyone else did compared to him. So who are these successful friends? Nick frost from the other trilogy’s, Martin Freeman from Hot Fuzz, Paddy Considine from Hot Fuzz and Eddie Marsan from …nothing else? As well as these main characters, check out some of the extras actors/ actresses that appear in ‘Suan of the Dead’ and ‘Hot Fuzz’. Basically, the film is giving us a lot of small Easter eggs.

Check out the ultimate cross over trailer

In addition, like I stated before, the film is brilliant at foreshadowing, with Gary King constantly referring to the group of 5 as the 5 Musketeers, till eventually he can actually call them the 3 Musketeers, you can only feel sadly comfortable until at least 2 of them have died. However, one of the best omens is the names of each of the pubs. With each name representing what happens in there pub. We have a car drive into the Whole in the Wall, The Old Familiar looks exactly like the pub before, the famous creepy twins are found at The Two Headed Dog, there is a big fight in the Cross Hands and of course the world ends at The Worlds End.

golden mile

After our hero’s drink a lot of beer, a bathroom break is in order and unfortunately for Garry he picks on the wrong kid/ robot to start on. Causing, Gary to freak out and be yelled at by Andy (Nick Frost) until Andy realises that Gary is holding a decapitated head. In every film these two are in together, they both seem so oblivious to everything until it’s far too late.

Yes, the main monsters this time aren’t zombies but some ninja robots with blue ink for blood and just can’t seem to die …EVER! And with the whole town like this, the boys are required to kick ass and brush up on their acting skills. This calls for some bad ass fight scenes and some hilarious jokes/ one liners.

Despite, all the fighting, murder and the end of the world, the film is also extremely romantic. With a love triangle between Gary King, Sam Chamberlain (Rosamund Pike) and Steven Prince (Paddy Considine), robots are not the boy’s only problems. But With Gary wanting a quickie in the disabled toilet and Steven admitting his long love for Sam, you can kind of tell who she ends up with. So as long as the boy gets the girl, the end of the world isn’t that bad.

One recurring gag within the movie is of course the fact that even though robots from space are trying to kill everyone, Gary refuses to abandon the pub crawl. So during fight scenes you can mainly just see Gary drop his drinks and make new ones. The boys could have also escaped alive at pub 10 but his persistence gets them to The Worlds End and he manages to destroy the whole world in the process.

So how does the world actually end? Well the 3 musketeers basically have a yelling match with an alien… and they leave. Unfortunately, the shock wave of the base being destroyed results in all the power to go off but to the surprise of us all the ,the robots are still up and alive, just very similar to zombies. (And with no WI-Fi/ & Cornettoes, I’m not surprised the world went to hell).

So basically this film is everything you can expect from an Edgar Wright/ Nick Frost/ Simon Pegg mash up.

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Hocus Pocus (Kenny Ortega,1993) part three of the Halloween special.

Week 1: the week before Halloween.

Week 2: the week of Halloween.

W\eek 3: the week after Halloween.

Finishing off the horror Halloween theme is the scariest thing of all, a Disney movie. Yes it’s time to re-live the Halloween of our childhood and put ourselves in the shoes of three children that just can’t seem to grasp the complex nature of leaving things alone! Rule 1 is don’t light the candle, so three guesses what our idiotic heroes do.

Hocus pocus

The film opens like any other Disney movies, children having their life force removed, children being turned into cats, witches being hanged and references to virgins (a concept some of us never understood when they first watched this as a child). Luckily for us , these far too scary features are all just a class room story being told to group of students who pretty much represent the living embodiment of Halloween In America (way too onto their holidays). When Max (Omri Katz) lights a candle he finds in an old witches house, three witches Winifred “Winnie” Sanderson,(Bette Midler),Mary Sanderson,(Kathy Najimy) and Sarah Sanderson(Sarah Jessica Parker) are brought back from the dead. Unfortunately, for Max his sister Dani (Thora Birch) and crush Allision (Vinessa Shaw) our three monsters have a taste for children. Therefore, it is up to our hero’s to destroy the witches’ book and save the other children.

With any Disney film, we need someone we hate and want vengeance upon and we also need sensitive issues brought up. Usually for the franchise we get dead parents but this time they settled for bullying. There is no one we want dead more than those who bully our heroes. But again this is Disney so the worst thing they do is steal his Halloween candy. Now if I was bullied like that in school, compared to how I really was, I would be pretty happy But as life has taught me ‘life isn’t a Disney film’… unfortunately.

One thing the film defiantly has In common with all the other horror films we watch and I mean ALL OF THEM, is someone doing something very stupid and in this case it is to get the girl. This is of course the perfect motive for anything.  Yes our characters break into a haunted house, lights a black flame candle and read from the book.  In my opinion they are just asking for the evil dead to show up. And by ‘evil dead’ I mean three crazy witches who mistake a hoover for a broom, are terrified by buses and fire engines and are convinced that a guy in a Halloween costume is the dark lord himself. It is Disney after all.

And as this is a Disney movie you can always count on signing. With spells that require singing and just general random musical numbers, you got to love the film even more. However, the best musical number is hands down I put a spell on you. Finally Disney uses a song that doesn’t require you to watch the film at least 5 times for you to be able to sing along.

I would also like to state that if you think this film may be a bit young for you, there are enough sexual innuendoes to please the dirtiest of minds.

“We desire children”

“Hey it might take me a few times but I don’t think it will be a problem”

A joke I defiantly didn’t get when I was younger.

But with a film where the children are the good guys and the grownups are either evil or too stupid to pay attention, it is up to our heroes, to be cleaver and … trick the witches into a giant kilim and burn them alive?!? Again this sounds a bit too rough for a Disney film. However, as Hansel and Gretel, isn’t a very reliable source, the burning doesn’t work and our false ending continues. On the other hand, they do use tips from CW’s Supernatural and use good old fashioned table salt to harm our witches.

Fan made poster season 10 Supernatural.

Fan made poster season 10 Supernatural.

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With Disney’s attempt to be scary, the final showdown happens in the old graveyard. Where the Witches fly around, make some loud noises and insults, pick some people up and eventually get burnt by the sun. So all In all, its’ not the children that saved the day but nature. This made the film slightly disappointing. But I will tell you one thing; the scariest thing about the entire film is the crappy 90’s special effects. When you can tell it’s a green screen, you probably shouldn’t be using one.

So after all my horror Halloween suggestions, I thought it was time for a film for all audiences. Therefore, I wanted to suggest the best family horror film there is and a true 90’s classic. Hocus Pocus, which is defiantly one to watch this season. I would give it five screams.

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