Pixels (Chris Columbus,2015)

Everyone loves the 80’s, some of the best movies ever made came out that decade and of course some of the best games. Pac-man, tetras, Donkey Kong and Super Mario are a few of the famous. For everyone these games are our childhood. But what if our childhood came back to haunt us?

Back in the 80’s a sample of earth was sent into space, including some of our beloved arcade classics and because we’re all slightly sadistic and a lot of our games include some form of violence , these aliens take it as a declaration of war and send down the games ( and Madonna) to attack us. So who can save us? NERDS of course, the greatest gamers of the lot. It’s nice to know that hours of gameplay finally paid off.


With the immature Adam Sandler playing Sam Brenner, the gaming world champion, Kevin James playing his best friend / the President of the United States and a bunch of kid’s games, you would think this delightful movie was aimed at children. You would be wrong though (I think). With constant references to three ways, chloroform, slut cannons and slapping soldier’s butts, it is in fact …kind of hard to interpret the target audience. My 47 year old dad loved the film because he got to re-live his childhood for an hour and a half and 19 year old me enjoyed it because the film was hilarious, so you can assume it’s aimed at everyone.

Like many great films, foreshadowing was constantly used throughout. With a competition at the beginning of the movie and Adam losing the boss battle to Donkey Kong, you can only imagine who the final round of the film is against. Another example is when Ludlow Lamonsof (Josh Gad) aka. Olaf is obsessing over a video game character, who he believes is the one, so again we all know who he is going to meet.

The film also made me say “Good old British” With the use of red, blue, pink and orange mini’s (you haft to know that reference) as the ghosts from Pac- man and one of the battles taking place in England, it always bring out the patriotic side of me. However, like most American films, they do take the piss out of the way us Brits speak.


“What are you saying?” “I have no idea”

Trust me though, if you weren’t into arcade games before watching this film, you definitely will after and you sure as hell will feel bad if you don’t recognise the games and the 80’s pop culture references. This can include Ghostbusters (Ivan Reitman, 1984), MTV and even some of the cheesy slang they used back in the day… seriously “Tubular”. THIS FILM IS JUST ONE BIG 80’S REFERENCE. We also get the treat of the kick ass queen songs. We will rock you!!! Whilst watching this film, even though I was born in the 90’s I definitely felt like an 80’s kid. Kicking out Grand theft auto and call of duty and bringing back the good old low quality pixelated games.

Despite all the references and ‘nerd power’ aspect of the film, the movie is incredibly hilarious. With some of the best one liners and scenarios to touch you deep in your funny bone.

Ludlow Lamonsoff: What am I looking at right now? Are you guys, soldiers or the casts of Magic Mike? Are you gunna fight or dance naked?

Seriously if that line alone isn’t encouragement enough to watch the film, then I don’t know what is.

The film’s final boss battle occurs in Washington with all the 80’s classics coming down for some kick ass action. But Donkey Kong is the one to take the cake and is our official grand finale; causing Sam Brenner to relive his past and finally beat the level. And what makes a good battle? Queens, we will rock you! I couldn’t ask for a better song.

Like most movies of this genre, if saving the world isn’t good enough for our heroes’/ arcaders then they all get the girl. Adam Sandler gets Violet van Patten (Michelle Monaghan), the president pleases his wife, Ludlow gets his beloved video game character Lady Lisa (Ashley Benson) and Eddie Plant (Peter Dinklage) gets his three way/sandwich with Martha Stewart and Serena Williams. It really is a happy ending.

Basically, for me Pixels is the film to watch if you want to learn what it was like to be a kid in the 80’s. It’s funny, romantic and just damn nerdy. I loved every minute of this film and I’m sure you will to.  I would give the five stars! 4 Ghosts! And a level up!

level up

How have you not seen this?- deathbyapril- April Ely 

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