The Duff (Ari Sandel,2015)

Duff, it stands for ditchable, ugly, fat friend. According to the film there is one in every friendship group. Even though labels are supposedly out of date, such as geek, nerd and jocks, a new generation of clichés has emerged.

When Bianca Piper (Mae Whitman) is the out of place Duff compared to her two gorgeous best friends Casey Cordero (Bianca Santos) and Jessica “Jess” Harris (Skyler Samuels) so when Bianca is informed by her hunky next door neighbour Westley Rush (Robbie Amell) she wishes to no longer be considered the Duff but the hot stuff. However, when the queen B / Queen Bitch Madison Morgan (Bella Thorne) disagrees with Bianca’s recent change, she follows Bianca around with a camera to find horrific Gifs to embarrass her with.


The film is very much “these are my best friends and this is my crush who is way out of my league” setting up the idea that this is obviously a teen movie to help you feel good about yourself and love the heroin (the girl not the drug… obviously). And you would be right; it’s completely that type of movie. But we love them anyway. We even get our stereotypical college/ high school party that are ridiculously unrealistic, or maybe I’m doing university wrong?

With our main character struggling with not being able to talk to guys and not being able to perhaps look at attractive as some of the other girls in school, you can really relate and as someone who struggles with the exact same, it’s nice to know that I’m not alone… even if she is a fictional character. Luckily for us, to make it through our potential Duff experiences, the film gives us the 5 stages of Duff, well more like the 5 stages of grief.

l Denial

l Anger


l Depression

l Acceptance

Another great thing about this movie is the main form of revenge is creating memes and unfriending/ unfollowing people on social media. THE ART OF WARFARE.

But the memes created are slightly Bianca’s fault because when you dress like a prostitute and dry hump a manikin whilst screaming the name of your crush, you are bound to expect a joke or two.

Despite the joke of Bianca being your typical Tumblr user and Westley being a portentous dick that is far too sarcastic. The film teaches you how to be confident with your body, how to have the perfect date and even how to flirt with guys… badly. To be fair the confidence message is a brilliant one. I think people would be a lot happier if they could be themselves and can respect who they are.

Remember It gets better.

Moving from the ‘love yourself’ thing, the movie is your stereotypical rom-com. We all know that Bianca is going to end up her neighbour Westley after she realises her original crush Tobey (Nick Eversman) is a complete user. But what else could we expect it’s a rom-com, he always gets the girl. This makes the film very like Mean Girls (Mark Waters, 2004) much like Cady Heron , Bianca has crazy scenarios play out in her head. For me though my favourite is when she re-enacts the opening to a classic porno by putting every X-rated stereotype into the scene. A lonely house wife with a pool cleaning jock and a massive…

Box of pizza.

What more could you want?

I like to have sex… with women.

Like most high school films and even real life it all ends at prom/ home coming, much like Paper towns (Jake Schreier, 2015) , Mean girls and Carrie (Kimberly Peirce, 2013). Bianca makes up with her beautiful friends and enters the last stage of Duff, Acceptance.

Bianca mixes her new style with the old to create a confident and unduffed version of herself, resulting in everyone including Wesley to stop and stare, this gives the audience the perfect on screen kiss, aww clichés.

I’m  somebody’s duff, so are you, so is everybody, I like myself and I don’t want to be anyone else.

Like me Bianca loves to write article so you can guess what the end monologue is, her newspaper, with everyone reading it out and shouting “I’m a duff”. You really learn that we are all duffs to someone so in all honesty, why worry what people think? Were all the beautiful ditchable, ugly fat friends, take it from a Duff.

Therefore, this rom-com is not just your typical boy meets girl, it’s sassy, sarcastic, sloppy, pizza loving girl loves herself for who she is (as cheesy as that sounds). I would recommend this film if you ever feel depressed about the way you look or just the way you are. I would give The Duff 5 stars.

How have you not seen this?

Deathbyapril- April Ely.

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