Sorority Row (Stewart Hendler,2009)

From my last review on Jennifer’s body (Karyn Kusama, 2009) and the new TV series scream queens (Fox, 2015) I have been inspired by the genre of chick flick/ horror. So what has more teen drama than high school? University! Yes nothing screams horror like a bunch of female students sharing a house together… and being stalked by a serial killer.

When a prank goes horribly wrong and a fellow housemate Megan (Audrina Partridge) ends up being murdered by her boyfriend and a few of her “friends” a disaster is marked. 8 months later the associates begin to be hunted down and brutally killed one by one. The film is a bit like the PS4 game Until Dawn and 1997’s I know what you did last summer (Jim Gillespie) but with a lot more girls and a little more teen drama.


As this is a horror film the movie opens with STEREOTYPES! We get a tracking shot of a dark house and some very horrific screams… which turn out to be coming from a girl who has just had her clothes stolen. We can’t jump straight into the horror genre now can we? If you have ever seen a modern horror film you would know that these movies are filled with false scares.

We are greeted by semi-naked pillow fights, dancing and enough alcohol to fill an Olympic swimming pool. You could easily mistake this part of the film for American Pie (Paul Weitz &Chris Weitz, 1999) BUT as a university student I can tell you now, it’s nothing like this!

So even though this is a horror film we need our all attractive bitchy cast that fit into the teen chick flick conventions. There is the nerd, the slut, the bitch, the sweetheart and the reasonable main character. Basically, girl versions of the horror list in Cabin in the woods (Drew Goddard, 2012). This again causes this film to pretty much represent all the stereotypes of the horror genre.  But I find we still love horror films even when we know what to expect.

cabin in woods stereotypes

Reputation comes for the company you keep and the company you keep, bitches.

On the other hand, there are honestly a lot of times in the film where you can’t tell you are watching a horror film instead of a girly sorority house / fraternity movie. This in my opinion makes the horror parts so unexpected and truly adds to the film, allowing for extra character and plot development. Likewise, we don’t get to see the killer until 35 minutes in, creating suspense. There are even parts of the film were you have your stereotypical horror setup but no one gets killed so when a kill does happen it’s a complete surprise.

In many slasher movies the killer usually has a signature weapon and final kill move, Freddy cuts you with his razor hands and leather face slices you open with his chainsaw. But our killer barely uses his signature weapon of a tire iron to commit the final act. This allows for some truly creative and agonising deaths such a bottle down the neck, being shot with a flare gun in a hot tub and being stabbed whilst trapped in a laundry shoot. This film expresses some of the originality from Final destination (James Wong, 2000) and saw (James Wong, 2004), so relaxes, sit back and enjoy the gore.

Despite all of these incredible factors that make this film unique, my favourite thing about this movie is Ellie (Rumer Willis), the cute nerdy girl who screams at EVERYTHING.

Let’s go before Ellie sees this

*Ellie screams*

Too late.

I find that every movie is better with inappropriate exaggerated screaming throughout.

The final showdown occurs at the end of the party, when everyone has gone home except our main characters and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) holding a shot gun. If that isn’t bad ass, I don’t know what is! In these final scenes the house catches fire, there are boyfriend troubles, cat fights broke out and sarcastic bitchy quotes are said at inappropriate times, it really is a dramatic grand finale.

Oh my God is that Megan- she looks terrible.

I’m starting to think he’s not marriage material.

And just when you think the film couldn’t get any more girl power our survivors get a slow motion dramatic walk out of a burning building to the sound of kick ass power music. It’s the Beyoncé of movie scenes.

I would defiantly say that this is one of the best cross genre movies I have seen for a while and would be one of the horror movies I would actually recommend. I would defiantly give Sorority row 5 stars.

Gold star

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jennifers body

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