Jennifer’s Body (Karyn Kusama,2009)

Jennifer’s Body is your typical teen chick flick with high school drama, girly BBF’S, emo bands to obsess over, boys and the ever so traumatic experience of grades and demonic possession. This cross over of the horror and teen comedy is a unique twist on the genre.

When Jennifer played by the incredibly gorgeous Megan Fox and her friend Needy (weird name huh?) played by Amanda Seyfried go to a bar to see a band called Low shoulder. The band instantly finds a liking to Jennifer. So what do you do when you find a hot girl who you think is a virgin? Sacrifice her to Satan of course! Yes it’s a lot easier selling someone else’s soul for fame, rather than your own. BUT when it turns out she is not a virgin, the spell goes wrong and Jennifer becomes a boy eating monster. And the more boys she eats the hotter she gets, which is pretty easy anyway for Megan Fox. Therefore, it is up to Needy to save the day and all the boys in her school.  I would also like to point out that Jurassic world’s and Parks and Recreation’s Chris Pratt it in the film so it’s got to be good.

jennifers body

The film opens on your stereotypical horror convention of a tracking shot of a dark house and someone evil looking through your window and then moving into “this is my best friend Jennifer, she’s a cheerleader”. So just when you thought these films were horrifying enough they put supernatural murder into the equation.  But this ends quickly with Jennifer eating raw meat from the fridge and throwing up black slime that seems to move around causing Needy to figure out that someone is wrong pretty quickly, only to return back to the Teen flick part of the film when Jennifer returns fine at school.

The film feeds off of guys desires of hot woman or just Megan Fox and woman’s need to be extremely attractive and have any man at their fingertips.  Another idea created is that hot girls are bitches and I mean laugh at the dead “I am god” horrible, where the so called “ugly friend” is the nice one. Meaning that this is a film to exaggerate this stereotype and kind of suggest that all the hot popular girls are evil and from some of my past experience I can kind of agree.

“Jennifer’s evil… not like high school evil, actual evil”

Despite all the horror and the gore, the film gets a very catchy theme song. As low shoulders fame kicks off and becomes the song of Devils kettle (Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse the film is set in a place called Devils Kettle) we get a constant reminder of how they caused all this destruction. But their song ‘through the trees’ is rather good (song below). And for any Panic! At the disco fans, they made a song for the film (New Perspective).

So far we have covered death, blood, violence and teenagers on our list of horror codes and convention but we haven’t had a sex/ nude scene. There are lots of potential couples. Jennifer seems to get every guy in school and Needy has a boyfriend called Chip (Johnny Simmons). However, the writers decided that Needy and Jennifer need to hook up, landing the film the best kiss award at the MTV movie awards.

Like most high school movies everything ends at the prom or in this case the spring formal, with prom decorations, flowers and pretty dresses? I’m using the question mark because I am confused towards Needy’s prom dress and makeup.  I mean look at this…

needys prom dress

Yes the grand boss battle occurs in an abandoned swimming pool when Jennifer comes onto Chip, the worst thing a BFF can do, make out with their befriends boyfriend… and of course try to eat them. However, when you get bitten by a demon, you inherit some of their powers and that comes in handy when you want to escape a mental asylum and murder an entire boy band.

This teen flick / horror really is a great movie but only if you enjoy either horror movies or even better, both of the genres. I find being a teenage girl at the grand age of 19 and a lover of horror movies, it really is a fantastic movie and should be adored by audiences with similar interests. I would rate this film 5 star.

Gold star

Here is a link to the song new perspective by Panic! at the disco

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