Sinister 2 (Ciarian Foy,2015)

A quick review

The hugely successful film Sinister created in 2012 and directed by Scott Derrickson has decided to carry on its horrific story by producing a sequel. But of course , like many horror movies , the sequel is never as good as the original.

A demon named Bagul is forcing children to kill their whole family and film their work so that he can live on. So when Courtney Collins (Shannyn Sossamon) and her tow children Zack and Dylan run away from her crazy Ex-husband she ends up at a house with a horrific past. This past then begin to haunt her two boys.

“There’s always three things involved. A murdered family, a house, and some form of offering.”

Now, as someone who studies the art form of film and television, i understand how horror is created and the cliches of the genre. And i can tell you know , this is a film that rely’s heavily on shock value and jump scares. You can tell that this film is desperately trying to remain frightening and desperation isn’t attractive. By removing the fear created by the ghost children , that was established in the original , you remove A LOT of the fear factor. This forces the supernatural horror to turn into a Saw (James Wan, 2004) or Hostel (Eli Roth, 2005)  type movie. But i will tell you one thing, the mini films are just plain horrific!


However, even though the dead children are rather placid compared to the first, the children that are still alive are very sinister. To be  more specific ,the older son Zach (Dartanian Sloan), who seems way too interested in killing his family. If he didn’t succeed in his task I don’t think he will be welcome back at the family dinner table!

On the other hand, the worst monster has to be the ex-husband and luckily for us gets his just deserts. Yes, there is nothing better than a bad guy getting hurt by and even bigger bad guy. A bit like Loki and Hulk in The Avengers ( Joss whendon, 2012).

The film however is very cleaver at foreshadowing. The film basically opens at the close (like my Harry Potter reference?). With the end of the film being played at the very beginning of the film, it is both very similar and very different from the first film… So if you haven’t seen the film yet, i kind of spoiled it for you as soon as the film starts.

Despite the success of the fear factor created in the original, the sequel is mediocre compared. But if you have seen the first , you can’t not watch the next in the series . Therefore, much like Rotten Tomatoes, i would rate this film 3 starts.


How have you not seen this?

Deathbyapril- April Ely. 

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