Odd Thomas (Stephen Sommers ,2013)

We have all heard of the sixth sense (M. night Shyamalan, 1999). A horror film about a child who can see the dead…. But what happened to him when he grew up?

2013’s Odd Thomas directed by Stephen Sommers, focus on our hero Odd Thomas (Anton Yelehin) yes that is his name (there was a mix up with the birth certificate) and his ability to see both the dead and the predators. The Predators are a group of monsters that feed off pain. Thomas therefore spends his life working in a kitchen and helping the dead by providing them with comfort, attention and chasing down their murderers. With the help from the few that know about his gift, including his long term girlfriend Stormy (Addison Timkin) and Chief Wyatt Porter (Willem Dafoe), he aims to do good. Well wouldn’t you help those in need if you had this gift?

odd thomas book

“The most identifying trait of humanity is our ability to be inhumane to one another?”

Despite tracking down killers of the innocent, Thomas is able to tell if something devastating is about to happen. This is through the number of Predators that are around. So when the largest collection of demons he has ever seen begins to follow Fungus Bob Robertson (Shuler Hensley) he investigates what Robertson has planned.


The film focuses on the idea of good vs evil and the ability to change our fate. With such a powerful gift fighting the purest of evil, we get to see how evil people can be by killing 1000 people in a shopping centre and also how loving people can be through human sacrifice in order to save the ones we love.

“Fate isn’t a straight road… there are forks in it, many different routes to different ends, we have free will to choose the path.”

The whole idea is fantastic and calls for an interesting and entertaining film concept. With my dad saying “this could make a really good TV series” I had to agree with him. Thomas’s whole situation allows for an easy sequel and a million plot ideas. With a number of books they could start there. Yes Odd Thomas is actual a series of books by Dean Kootz… so start reading!

odd thomas kootz

However, even though the film is amazing, it went straight to DVD, which explains why you may not have heard of it. Luckily for us the film is on Netflix and is definitely worth a watch.

Now this film may be classed as a horror film but personally I didn’t find it scary. It is more of a thriller / investigation film. As we must figure out what big disaster is really going to happen, who is involved and how can Thomas help?

Unfortunately, the film does end sad with an unexpected death and the heart break of Odd Thomas, we can’t help but shed a tear a two.

So I would suggest this film to all, it’s different, thrilling, funny, romantic has a great plot twist and is just one of those films that everyone would love. Even though Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 5.2/10, I would give it a 10/10.

How have you not seen this?

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