Wet hot american summer , first day of camp (Netflix, 2015)

Wet hot American summer – first day of camp (Netflix, 2015)

From the Network that bought us Orange is the new black (Netflix, 2013) and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt (Netflix, 2015) comes Wet hot American summer, first day of camp ,based on the original cult classic film (David Wain,2001).The series has the feel of Scary movie(Keenen Ivory Wayans, 2000) and Not another teen movie (Joel Gallen, 2002), it really is the perfect late night TV series.

wet hot american summer

As camp fire wood opens for another year, we follow the 16/17 year old camp councillors and camp goers for an entire day.  Each character has a different story to follow, with random and unrealistic events happening to all of them. From Lindsay (Elizabeth Banks) playing a 24 year old disguising herself as a 16 year old , in order to find a story on a ghost , who turns out to be a crazy musician played by  Chris pine. To toxic waste in the woods that can turn you into a can of vegetables. Causing the president to send a terrible hitman played by Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, to kill the councillors and blow up camp firewood. If you thought all this was a lot, the whole series takes place within just one day (the clue is in the title) even though the camp lasts for 8 weeks. This adds to the completely un-logical and stupid nature of the program and makes you wonder what could happen for the rest of the summer.

visual comedy

The 30 minute show also has a great mixture of both sound and visual comedy. This is a rarity in American comedy and is really only used in British comedies such as Edgar wrights Shaun of the dead (2004) and Hot Fuzz (2007). The use of visual directing and editing has the ability to create unique humour that cannot be created through the lines of the characters. This can include the exaggerated running, the use of inappropriate props in serious situations and people popping in and out of shot unexpectedly. This hilarious show also uses visual comedy to reflect the idea that teenagers in films are played by adults. With every Councillor stating that they are 17 years old and are clearly played by actors in there 30’s /40’s, such as the 43 year old Amy Poehler, it makes you wonder how old are the teenagers in the other shows you watch?

Check out the link below on how to create visual comedy – all right go to Every Frame a Painting

Despite it being made by Netflix, there are so many stars end even actors from the original film to help make the show 1000 times more awesome. This can include Ant man’s Paul Rudd, Parks and recreation’s Amy Poehler, Startrecks Chris Pine, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm &John Slattery, Bridesmaid’s Kristen Wiig, Americans Sniper’s Bradley Cooper and Super Bad’sMichael Cera. With this many celebrities, you got to believe it’s an awesome show. It is funny, silly and had my dad and I in fits of laughter. It’s the kind of programme to watch late at night or if you just want a good laugh. I am not surprised I managed to watch the entire season in just 3 days and have actually started to re-watch the show.  But I must advise you don’t apply any logic to the programme… It’s far too random to make sense of what the hell is happening! If you can let me know!

So this incredible show is hilarious and completely un-logical and is defiantly one of the best comedy shows I have seen in a while. I would rate this Netflix original 5 stars.

How have you not seen this?- Deathbyapril- April Ely. 

shaun of the dead

Check out my review on Shaun of the dead (Edgar wright, 2004)



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