Facts on the human brain- Swindon 105.5 radio review

The brain is incredibly baffling and has caused many to devote their lives to studying the brain. So unless you are one of these scientists, here are some facts you probably didn’t know about the human brain.

The human brain wights 3 pounds, this is half the weight of our skin. It is also the largest brain to body size of any animal. While the elephants brain is physically larger, it only takes up 0.15% of its body. Where the human brain counts for 2% of our body weight.


Our brain may be big but at birth it is nearly the same size as an adult brain and will contain nearly all the cells for our whole life. The brain will then grow three times in size the first year and stop growing all together at the age of 18.

So our brain grows over the years but we can never feel it. This is because our brain has no pain receptors , meaning it can feel no pain,yet we get headaches?

When we are tired we yawn. This is to send oxygen to our brain, cooling it down and waking it up.


Another known fact is that you can’t tickle yourself. This is because your brain can distinguish between unexpected external touch and your own.

When we blink our brain keeps things illuminated so the world doesn’t go dark around 20,000 times a day.

Every time you recall a memory or thought, you are creating a new connection to your brain and you have around 70,000 thoughts a day. In addition, memory is triggered by scent is stronger. So if you have a test coming up and have problems with remembering what a ‘compound adjective’ is chew gum when you are revising. Then chew the same flavor when taking the test , to help trigger the information.

As a woman i can agree that we take ages to pick something to ware on a night out. This is because woman take longer to make decisions but will usually stick to it. Whereas men ten dot change their minds more often.

Everyone dreams , even if you don’t remember them. We dream for about 1-2 hours as night and have around 4-7 dreams. But if you are snoring it means that you are not dreaming.


So the brain is amazing, it keeps us alive , makes us who we are and even named itself!

How have you not seen this?-

 deathbyapril -April Ely

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