Odd Thomas (Stephen Sommers ,2013)

We have all heard of the sixth sense (M. night Shyamalan, 1999). A horror film about a child who can see the dead…. But what happened to him when he grew up?

2013’s Odd Thomas directed by Stephen Sommers, focus on our hero Odd Thomas (Anton Yelehin) yes that is his name (there was a mix up with the birth certificate) and his ability to see both the dead and the predators. The Predators are a group of monsters that feed off pain. Thomas therefore spends his life working in a kitchen and helping the dead by providing them with comfort, attention and chasing down their murderers. With the help from the few that know about his gift, including his long term girlfriend Stormy (Addison Timkin) and Chief Wyatt Porter (Willem Dafoe), he aims to do good. Well wouldn’t you help those in need if you had this gift?

odd thomas book

“The most identifying trait of humanity is our ability to be inhumane to one another?”

Despite tracking down killers of the innocent, Thomas is able to tell if something devastating is about to happen. This is through the number of Predators that are around. So when the largest collection of demons he has ever seen begins to follow Fungus Bob Robertson (Shuler Hensley) he investigates what Robertson has planned.


The film focuses on the idea of good vs evil and the ability to change our fate. With such a powerful gift fighting the purest of evil, we get to see how evil people can be by killing 1000 people in a shopping centre and also how loving people can be through human sacrifice in order to save the ones we love.

“Fate isn’t a straight road… there are forks in it, many different routes to different ends, we have free will to choose the path.”

The whole idea is fantastic and calls for an interesting and entertaining film concept. With my dad saying “this could make a really good TV series” I had to agree with him. Thomas’s whole situation allows for an easy sequel and a million plot ideas. With a number of books they could start there. Yes Odd Thomas is actual a series of books by Dean Kootz… so start reading!

odd thomas kootz

However, even though the film is amazing, it went straight to DVD, which explains why you may not have heard of it. Luckily for us the film is on Netflix and is definitely worth a watch.

Now this film may be classed as a horror film but personally I didn’t find it scary. It is more of a thriller / investigation film. As we must figure out what big disaster is really going to happen, who is involved and how can Thomas help?

Unfortunately, the film does end sad with an unexpected death and the heart break of Odd Thomas, we can’t help but shed a tear a two.

So I would suggest this film to all, it’s different, thrilling, funny, romantic has a great plot twist and is just one of those films that everyone would love. Even though Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 5.2/10, I would give it a 10/10.

How have you not seen this?

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Wet hot american summer , first day of camp (Netflix, 2015)

Wet hot American summer – first day of camp (Netflix, 2015)

From the Network that bought us Orange is the new black (Netflix, 2013) and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt (Netflix, 2015) comes Wet hot American summer, first day of camp ,based on the original cult classic film (David Wain,2001).The series has the feel of Scary movie(Keenen Ivory Wayans, 2000) and Not another teen movie (Joel Gallen, 2002), it really is the perfect late night TV series.

wet hot american summer

As camp fire wood opens for another year, we follow the 16/17 year old camp councillors and camp goers for an entire day.  Each character has a different story to follow, with random and unrealistic events happening to all of them. From Lindsay (Elizabeth Banks) playing a 24 year old disguising herself as a 16 year old , in order to find a story on a ghost , who turns out to be a crazy musician played by  Chris pine. To toxic waste in the woods that can turn you into a can of vegetables. Causing the president to send a terrible hitman played by Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, to kill the councillors and blow up camp firewood. If you thought all this was a lot, the whole series takes place within just one day (the clue is in the title) even though the camp lasts for 8 weeks. This adds to the completely un-logical and stupid nature of the program and makes you wonder what could happen for the rest of the summer.

visual comedy

The 30 minute show also has a great mixture of both sound and visual comedy. This is a rarity in American comedy and is really only used in British comedies such as Edgar wrights Shaun of the dead (2004) and Hot Fuzz (2007). The use of visual directing and editing has the ability to create unique humour that cannot be created through the lines of the characters. This can include the exaggerated running, the use of inappropriate props in serious situations and people popping in and out of shot unexpectedly. This hilarious show also uses visual comedy to reflect the idea that teenagers in films are played by adults. With every Councillor stating that they are 17 years old and are clearly played by actors in there 30’s /40’s, such as the 43 year old Amy Poehler, it makes you wonder how old are the teenagers in the other shows you watch?

Check out the link below on how to create visual comedy – all right go to Every Frame a Painting

Despite it being made by Netflix, there are so many stars end even actors from the original film to help make the show 1000 times more awesome. This can include Ant man’s Paul Rudd, Parks and recreation’s Amy Poehler, Startrecks Chris Pine, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm &John Slattery, Bridesmaid’s Kristen Wiig, Americans Sniper’s Bradley Cooper and Super Bad’sMichael Cera. With this many celebrities, you got to believe it’s an awesome show. It is funny, silly and had my dad and I in fits of laughter. It’s the kind of programme to watch late at night or if you just want a good laugh. I am not surprised I managed to watch the entire season in just 3 days and have actually started to re-watch the show.  But I must advise you don’t apply any logic to the programme… It’s far too random to make sense of what the hell is happening! If you can let me know!

So this incredible show is hilarious and completely un-logical and is defiantly one of the best comedy shows I have seen in a while. I would rate this Netflix original 5 stars.

How have you not seen this?- Deathbyapril- April Ely. 

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Facts on the human brain- Swindon 105.5 radio review

The brain is incredibly baffling and has caused many to devote their lives to studying the brain. So unless you are one of these scientists, here are some facts you probably didn’t know about the human brain.

The human brain wights 3 pounds, this is half the weight of our skin. It is also the largest brain to body size of any animal. While the elephants brain is physically larger, it only takes up 0.15% of its body. Where the human brain counts for 2% of our body weight.


Our brain may be big but at birth it is nearly the same size as an adult brain and will contain nearly all the cells for our whole life. The brain will then grow three times in size the first year and stop growing all together at the age of 18.

So our brain grows over the years but we can never feel it. This is because our brain has no pain receptors , meaning it can feel no pain,yet we get headaches?

When we are tired we yawn. This is to send oxygen to our brain, cooling it down and waking it up.


Another known fact is that you can’t tickle yourself. This is because your brain can distinguish between unexpected external touch and your own.

When we blink our brain keeps things illuminated so the world doesn’t go dark around 20,000 times a day.

Every time you recall a memory or thought, you are creating a new connection to your brain and you have around 70,000 thoughts a day. In addition, memory is triggered by scent is stronger. So if you have a test coming up and have problems with remembering what a ‘compound adjective’ is chew gum when you are revising. Then chew the same flavor when taking the test , to help trigger the information.

As a woman i can agree that we take ages to pick something to ware on a night out. This is because woman take longer to make decisions but will usually stick to it. Whereas men ten dot change their minds more often.

Everyone dreams , even if you don’t remember them. We dream for about 1-2 hours as night and have around 4-7 dreams. But if you are snoring it means that you are not dreaming.


So the brain is amazing, it keeps us alive , makes us who we are and even named itself!

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The Ocean 



Swindon 105.5 daring to be different.

Facts about the ocean- Swindon 105.5 radio show

Our oceans cover 70% of our planet but despite water dominating our Earth surface, there is a lot we don’t know about our oceans. Here are some facts that you probably didn’t know.

The ocean covers of our 70% of our planet but we have only explored 5% of it. So far we have found 226,408 marine species but there are a possible 25 million marine breeds in our oceans. Therefore, 99% of our living species that live on our planet are in the ocean.

Only 32 species of shark out of the 400 have been documented to bite humans. But only 3 sharks have rapidly fatal bites. These are Great whites, Tiger sharks and Bull sharks.

The Megladon is the biggest shark to ever live and reached lengths of 59ft. This shark that lived 2.6 million years ago, is said to be a bigger version of the Great White.

However, the biggest animal to ever live is the Great blue whale. They are bigger than the greatest known dinosaurs. Reaching 30 meters in length and weighting 180 tones, they have a heart the size of a car.

All life on land began 400 million years ago but life in the ocean began 3.1 to 3.4 million years ago.

Despite the oceans being home to some of the largest animals, the sea is also home to the largest living structure. The Great Barrier Reef measures 2,600 KM in the length and is so big that it can be seen from space.

The lowest point on earth is also in the ocean. The challenger deep, located in the Pacific Ocean has been recorded to reach depths of 10,920M or 35,827ft.

The highest tides in the world are at the Bay of Fundy. Sometimes, the difference between high tide and low tide is 16.3 M taller than a three story building.

The largest ocean is the Pacific Ocean aka. the peaceful sea.  This ocean covers 30% of the Earth’s surface.

The second largest is the Atlantic Ocean, which covers 21% of the earth’s surface. In the ocean you can find the Lion mane Jellyfish. This Jellyfish grows to 2.4 M or 8 ft.

Antarctica has as much ice as the Atlantic Ocean has water. Polar bears live on this ice. Unfortunately, the ice is shrinking 8% every 10 years.

You may think the sea is cold, especially in England but the top ten feet of the Ocean has as much heat as the Earth’s atmosphere. In addition, 99% of volcanic activity occurs in the Ocean.

Lastly, in legal terms 50% of the USA lies under the ocean.

So basically the ocean is massive and incredible with millions of life. It should be admired and respected by everyone.

Why you should watch Buffy the vampire slayer

I love Buffy but i feel not enough people watch it , so here is a video explaining just why you should watch this 90’s kick ass TV show.

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Buffy the Vampire slayer : Once more with feeling (season 6 ep.7). The musical episode !

The episode ‘Once more with feeling’ is one of the best Buffy episodes ever made and of course the most famous. The musical spectacular is a creative and unique way of showing more about each of the characters through the power of song and is one of the best out of genre episode in any TV series. Sunny dale is alive with the sound of music!

The episode is based around a demon that has been summoned by Zander (Nicholas Brendon) to make the world more cheery. This works for a while, with everyone signing about their day to day lives and how they feel about one another. This calls for some interesting love songs and songs about how good the dry cleaner is at their job. However, this is a demon so there is an evil side to this west-end daydream. If you get too carried away with your song you spontaneously combust, ouch! Who ever said musicals couldn’t kill anyone?  In addition to this life threating side effect, Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) is captured by the Demon. So it is up to Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and the rest of the Scooby gang to save the day.


However, there is not really a story line until the last 10 minutes of the episode. Everything is based around getting as many songs into the show within a 30 minute period. For me though, this is the best part. I just get to sing along to all the fantastic songs throughout. Trust me they are very catchy. There are some hilarious songs…usually from Anya (Emma Caulfield) who likes to express her fear of Bunnies and Zanders penis diseases.

Bunnies aren’t just cute like everybody supposes! They’ve got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses! And what’s with all the carrots? What do they need such good eyesight for anyway? Bunnies! Bunnies! It must be bunnies!

We also get songs about love from willow (Alyson Hannigan) and Tera (Amber Benson) and an angry love song from Spike (James Masters) to Buffy. This forces him to admit his love for her. That’s the thing about spontaneous singing; you tend to poor your heart out. “Life’s a song and you don’t get to rehearse” This causes secrets to be told and a huge amount of character development.

 Cuz being with you touches me, more than I can say ,but since I’m only dead to you, I’m saying stay away and let me rest in peace.


Despite Tera and willow falling out and Rupert Giles (Anthony Head) deciding to leave, Buffy admits one of her biggest secrets in the penultimate musical number. She in fact went to heaven, instead of Hell when she died like the rest of her friends thought. She believes that life on Earth is now hell as she has been expelled from heaven. This terrifies her. But the best way to say this was though musical lyrics. This causes this episode to be one of the best, as we get to sing for 40 minutes and also learn more about our characters.

There was no pain ,No fear, no doubt ‘Till they pulled me out ,Of Heaven, So that’s my refrain, I live in Hell, Cause I’ve been expelled, From Heaven, I think I was, In Heaven, So, give me something to sing about ,Please, Give me something…

Fortunately though all of the actors, apart from poor Willow, are particularly good singers, leading to a range of musical abilities and song genres. This gives the perfect mix to the episode and some truly creative camera angles, duets, solos and dance choreography.


The songs are truly emotional for both the characters and the audience. As with song, you don’t just get to hear and interpret the lyrics, you get to hear and see the emotion through their delivery. The changes in tone and pace of the song can indicate the most important and heart breaking part of each musical number, as well as the most light-hearted parts of each song. If you want to get as much emotion out of an episode, just make it a musical. I want to give a standing ovation to the writer Joss Whedon.


I would give this all singing all dancing spectacular a 5 star, there may be little plot but a whole load of great songs to sing along to and a whole load of emotion. So I would defiantly recommend watching this episode as well as all the other episodes of Buffy the vampire slayer. A small hot blonde that kicks ass and kills vampire, what more could you ask for?

Deathbyapril- April Ely.

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The soundtrack … get listening


Here is a list of the songs below:

  1. Sarah Michelle Gellar – “Overture / Going through the Motions” 02:57

2.Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amber Benson, Nicholas Brendon, Emma Caulfield, Alyson Hannigan & Anthony Stewart Head – “I’ve Got A Theory / Bunnies / If We’re Together”            02:22

  1. David Fury – “The Mustard” 00:18
  2. Amber Benson – “Under Your Spell” 02:55
  3. Nicholas Brendon & Emma Caulfield – “I’ll Never Tell” 04:01
  4. Martin Nixon – “The Parking Ticket” 00:45
  5. James Masters – “Rest In Peace” 02:46
  6. Michelle Trachtenberg – “Dawn’s Lament” 01:19
  7. Christophe Beck – “Dawn’s Ballet” 01:12
  8. Hinton Battle & Michelle Trachtenberg – “What You Feel” 03:01
  9. Anthony Stewart Head – “Standing” 02:10
  10. Anthony Stewart Head & Amber Benson – “Under Your Spell / Standing –Reprise” 01:35

13.Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amber Benson, Nicholas Brendon, Emma Caulfield, Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Stewart Head, James Masters, Hinton Battle & Michelle Trachtenberg -“Walk Through The Fire”              03:44

  1. Sarah Michelle Gellar – “Something to Sing About” 04:40
  2. Hinton Battle – “What You Feel –Reprise” 00:46

16.Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amber Benson, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Stewart Head, Michelle Trachtenberg, James Masters & Emma Caulfield – “Where Do We Go from Here?”            01:53

17.Sarah Michelle Gellar & James Masters – Coda


Swindon 105.5 -facts about space preview

As we spend all of our time on earth, it’s hard to believe that we are just a spec floating around in space. So just to remind you how large and incredible the universe is here are some facts that you probably didn’t know.

The sun is pretty big, as you probably guessed, especially compared to earth. It is so big in fact that over one million earths can fit inside. But you wouldn’t want to be inside the sun as its core has a temperature of 15 million degrees Celsius, ouch! Likewise, the sun makes up 99% of our solar systems mass, just to prove how big it really is.

sun vs earth

You may never go to space but it’s not actually far away. It’s only 100KM above earth. This means that if you managed to drive your car upwards, it would take less than hour. About the time it takes to get from Swindon to London. Then once you are up in space you could attempt to explore the 1800 other worlds that have been confirmed to exist.

harry potter

If you don’t like the weather in England, then you would hate the weather on other planets. With Venus reaching temperatures five times hotter than boiling water and Neptune reaching wind speeds of 1600 MPH, you really should appreciate Earth.

In space metal sticks together. Therefore, if two pieces of the same metal touch, they would bind together permanently.

Our moon has a diameter ¼ of our planet; this makes it the biggest moon compared to their planet in our solar system. In addition, we only ever see on side of our moon, known as the lunar near-side, meaning it is constantly staring at us. Furthermore, for those of you who ever wanted to rule the Moon, there is a law stating that no one can ever own the Moon. Sorry.

moon and earth

When you look at stars they seem to twinkle. But stars don’t actually. The effect is caused by the stars light hitting our atmosphere and being refracted, this bends the light and gives the appearance of twinkling stars.

Another fact is that we can time travel, kind of. It takes 8 minutes for the light from the surface of the sun to reach our eyes. However, it takes 35,000 years for the light from the core of the sun to reach the surface. So how old is the light on our face when we stand outside?

After covering time travel, what about Aliens? Well Saturn has 62 Moons. One if it’s Moons includes Titan. This is the closest planet to Earth that has the potential to sustain life. However, unlike Earth which is 60% water, Titan is mostly Methane and like water the Methane can exist as a gas, solid and a liquid.



In addition, Saturn is less dense than water, meaning that it could float. BUT you would haft to find a big enough swimming pool first.

The rings of Saturn are made of ice and the light reflecting off the ice allows us to see them. Unfortunately, this ice will eventually float away so one day we will no longer be able to see the beautiful rings.

Moving away from Saturn, Mars is home to the largest mountain in the solar system. So forget Everest witch stands at 8,848 Meters, Olympus Mons is a staggering 21 KM high and 600 KM wide.

Olympus mons

Olympus mons

Lastly if you didn’t know what people mean by a light-year. A light year is a unit of distance equivalent to the distance that light takes to travel in one year. This is about 6 Million miles, Yikes! Baring this in mind the largest star known to science is the r136a1 this star is 100 times bigger than the sun and is 165,000 lighters away! That is a bit of a trip.


So space is massive, scary and just awe inspiring. It’s really hard to believe in all this mad science but it just shows how wonderful our solar system is.

How have you not seen this? 

Deathbyapril- April Ely.