World War Z (Marc Forster,2013)

Despite world War Z hitting our theatres in 2013 it is the latest horror film to include the famous zombie apocalypse theme. The film based on the novel by Max Brooks but seems to have not be able to stick to the story line, offers a unique perspective of a zombie pandemic.

World war Z poster

World war Z poster

As the UN investigator Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and his family attempt to survive the world wide apocalypse. Gerry is called to help solve the issue and find the source and a possible cure. He is lead around the world from South Korea where the outbreak began.  He then made his way to Jerusalem where the outbreak was under control (until a woman began to sing through a microphone).  Eventually he ended up in Cardiff.   This is the location of W.H.O (World health organisation) where he finds a group of doctors, including Peter Capaldi and comes to the conclusion that the infected avoid the terminally ill and allowing them to create a vaccination / camouflage.  Furthermore, despite the initial setting to be in Philadelphia the movie is mostly filmed in Cardiff. Therefore, are the references to Doctor who a coincidence? Peter Capaldi playing a doctor in a place called WHO set in Cardiff.


The zombies in this film are designed to reflect not just the symptoms of the common infected but rather the dangers of the natural world. Their ability to climb over each other to reach Jerusalem reflects the way ants work. The way they herd together and charge can also reflect many other creatures of the animal kingdom. This unique way of presenting these monsters can show that this outbreak is not man made but very natural and is able to show the nature of earth. However, their inability to control themselves and follow the instinct of passing on the virus rather than to eat people can reflect slavery, Slavery of natural human behaviour and even the resurrection and controlling of the dead done by witches.  This film is able to not just show the horrors of a possible zombie apocalypse but also the ruthless nature of the natural world. This gives the film a unique edge over the other zombie movies.

Zombies on wall

Zombies on wall

The film is also able to show how fast order can break down in a time of panic, adding to the fear of the apocalypse and the “every man for themselves “idea. As people gun down other people for medicine and rape women who are looking for supplies in front of police officers. This ruthlessness adds to the story line and keeps everybody on the edge of their seats.

Unlike the single city we only ever see in these films, Wold War Z shows us the world. Throughout we are able to see the outbreak from start to finish and the mass extent of the virus. The virus is fast and it is ruthless, adding to the truly horrific nature of the apocalypse from a point of view we never get to see.

However, despite the way the film is set apart from the stereotypical zombie films, we still get the stupid people who can’t seem to do anything right.  This can include Dr. Andrew Fassbach (Elyes Gabel) a very important doctor who is their only hope of saving the world, who manages to shoot himself in the head after slipping on a wet surface. Another moron can include a singer in Jerusalem who picks up a microphone and draws the attention of thousands of zombies. However, my personal favourite is one of the doctors played by Pierfrancesco Favino, who manages to knock over something in every room when they must sneak past all the infected. Honestly!

The apocalypse starts rather quickly and due to the fast nature of the virus the action kicks off pretty much at the start of the film, meaning we get to see zombies , action and horror throughout. For me this really is a fantastic zombie movie and deserves to go down in one of the great films of 2013 and the horror genre. I give this film 5 star.

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Deathbyapril- April Ely


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