The House October Built (Bobby Roe, 2014)

The horror genre has bought us another hand held camera movie, with 2014’s ‘The house October Built’. However, instead of searching for ghosts in a haunted house, they are looking for the perfect haunted house/ horror attraction.

The house October built

The house October built

As a group of adult actors we have never heard of play a group of teenagers searching for the scariest haunted Halloween house, they end up with exactly what they wished for.  When they eventually stumble upon some familiar faces and are “invited” to a secret house on Halloween. They are subjected to psychological torture that is far beyond the usual ghost house and into the word of just being plain sick. We are given a unique twist on the method of film making when they move out of the world of the supernatural and into the sick twisted minds of people. We get to see some horrific costumes that truly de-humanise our villains and trust creep the audience out. And with these creatures slightly following the group it adds to the fear factor. What would you do if you were out in the woods and a crazy bunny with an axe chased you around? scarehouse_bunny_1 The locations vary as we get a POV (point of view) of each haunted house and they get more horrific as we get closer to the 31st October. We start in the mediocre territory and end up in criminal.  Despite the new twist on the genre, we have stereotypical conventions, with strong nudity and characters that never seem to be able to understand the danger of their situation until it’s way too late.

On the other hand, unlike nearly every horror film no one actually dies. Our characters are subjected to psychological horrors but none are particularly physical, expect for being tied up and dragged around. No one bleeds or gets any broken bones, they are just scared… a lot.

Unfortunately, the build up to the horror last ¾ of the film, the anticipation isn’t that big and the main horror of the film last about 20 minutes. The movie had a lot of potential but seemed to waste in an attempt to create suspense. Another major flaw is the lack of ending. The film ends suddenly without knowing if the characters live or die and just feels like it is wrong to end there. I am not surprised that Rotten Tomatoes rated it average.  But what can you expect from a “realistic” horror film, with cheap costumes and settings?

From the trailer the film did look good but the was rather average and wasn’t at all scary. I would rate the film three stars.


Deathbyapril- April Ely. How have you not seen this?


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