Pitch perfect 2 (Elizabeth Banks, 2015)

A quick review

The girls are back in the sequel to one of 2012’s best films. The movie we have all been waiting for has hit our screens and is still currently in the top 10 film charts. With all new songs and all new characters we expected this modern musical to beat the original hands down.

Pitch perfect 2 poster.

Pitch perfect 2 poster.

When the Barden Bella’s are given the incredible opportunity to perform for the president and the first lady, who in fact both make star appearance in the film, everything goes wrong. Unfortunately the Bella’s are forced to have a repeat from the last film and the daydream becomes a nightmare. When the Australian singer Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) manages to show her down under, the acapella group are no longer allowed to perform. But like all films the group are given a second chance to prove themselves at the world championship. However, with every competition you need a worthy competitor. Das Sound Machine is a scary; sexually confusing (according to Beca Mitchell played by Anna Kendrick) and highly talented German group (a coincidence?) that are put against are heroes to sing to the death… kind of.

John: This could very well be the greatest conflict between America and Germany in our nation’s history!

Gail: …Crack a book, John.

With a whole new soundtrack and a new feel to the act, the film has picked up the pace and gained its footing in the remix world.  Expect to be able to sing along to nearly every one of the song that is included.  The song lists Ranges from the good old classics, modern, Christmas songs performed by Snoop Dog (because why not?) and even completely new songs.  This really is a first for the world of acapella.  Jessie J’s flashlight stars as the brand new song written by the new legacy of the Bella’s Emily Junk (Hailee Steinfeld). The song is constantly put down throughout the film but to no surprise to the audience is used as the final song giving the group a competitive edge.

Despite the extremely hilarious nature of the first film, don’t expect the film to meet up to its standards as no film has ever been better than the original. Don’t get me wrong the film is very good but was rather disappointing compared to the first. Granted there are a number of funny scenes , including Fat Amy’s serenading scene to ex- troubles member  Bumper Allen (Adam DeVine) and of course the all so famous Riff- off. But again the film could have had a few more laughs! Where was the unrealistic expectations of projectile vomit ?

The film does however cause both the audience and the Bella’s to think about their feature as life at university draws quickly to a close.  As Becca manages to get an internship at a record company and is given the opportunity to showcase her talent. We realise that people need to work hard to get what you want and that life doesn’t just end after education. The film causes you to think about the real world and for our beloved characters to think about the near future and to accept their fate that the Barden Bella’s will eventually come to an end. So will there be a third movie?  WE ALL WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO THE BELLA’S!

Despite the film not reaching the high standards set by the original the film is fantastic and will get a number of songs stuck in your head for a good few weeks. I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves a good laugh and a sing along.

Gold star

How have you not seen this?- Deathbyapril ( April Ely)

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Life after Beth Poster

Life after Beth Poster



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