Life after Beth (Jeff Baena, 2014)

A quick review

Whenever a loved one dies we instantly want them back, we want one more moment to say goodbye and we defiantly want them to stay with us forever. I just lost my dog, which is nothing compared to losing a person but I still want my boy back.  But if there is one thing that Stephen Kings ‘Pet semetary’ taught us, it is that we should not bring people back from the dead, just in case they don’t turn out quite right. However, what if they just crawled out of their grave and knocked on your front door. You couldn’t just turn them away, even if the whole idea of it is terrifying to you.

Life after Beth Poster

Life after Beth Poster

So when Beth Slocum played by ‘Parks and recreations’ Aubrey Plaza climbs out of her grave and back to her parents’ house (Molly Shannon &  John C. Reilly) she is forced into hiding to avoid terrifying the neighbours. So there is no surprise that eventually Beth’s current boyfriend Zach Orfman (Dane DeHaan) spots her in the window and starts to freak out , until he is let in on the secret and is encouraged to spend time with her, without letting her know that she was in fact dead for a few days. Eventually she does find out that she is the walking dead and begins to both rot and become more and more insane. Unfortunately, Beth isn’t the only zombie in town, as all of the dead begin to rise. Each zombie stars off normal but as they lose their minds, they gain an appetite for the stereotypical zombie food….us.

Beth Slocum: I’m a zombie! Zombies eat guys!

The film stars placid and builds until zombies are walking around with ovens strapped to their backs and talking about going on hikes. So from this we can assume that the genre is a comedy and is classed as an “American Zombie comedy” but for me this just isn’t the case, I don’t find the film funny at all. Now granted there are a few smile at the TV moments, but what film doesn’t? The film had the potential to be hilarious by including some of the best cast, the film had real potential. With Aubrey Plaza and Jim O’Hair from ‘Parks and Recreation’, John c. Reilley and even ‘Pitch Perfects’ (Jason Moore, 2012) Anna Kendrick, the film should have been a lot funnier! However, the film should have deserved to make a profit or at least break even, with a box office of only $254,88 despite spending $2.4 million.

So it is clear to say that the film is nowhere near as funny as Shaun of the Dead (Edgar Wright, 2004) but it is a good watch. As after all a film does not need to be funny to be a good watch.  With a slight horror feel and a ton of fake blood, the film is great from start to finish and should gain a bit more praise and recognition than it currently has. Therefore, I would recommend it to you now and rate it five stars!

Gold star

Check out my review here for Shaun of the Dead-

shaun of the dead

This interesting twist on the zombie apocalypse really makes you think that the dead should stay dead and if you could in fact bring yourself to do the right thing. Would you put a bullet in your girlfriends’ brain or just freak out and feed your daughter flesh even after she has eaten your husband. I think we know which one is best.

Deathbyapril- April Ely

How have you not seen this?

If this zombie comedy/ odd romance is not good enough for you then here is a link to my review on 2013’s Warm Bodies (Jonathan Levine).

Warm bodies poster

Warm bodies poster


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