Splash (Ron Howard,1984)

A quick review

One of the best Disney movies is Ron Clements ‘The little mermaid’ (1989). Therefore, the real life 1980’s ‘Splash’ is a brilliant and funny take on the animated classic.   When a very young Tom Hanks /Allen Bauer falls into the sea and is rescued twice by the beautiful mermaid Madison played by Daryl Hannah. They fall in love in a space of 3 days but when Allen and the rest of the world find out that she is half fish thanks to a Marine biologist Walter Kornbluth played by Eugene Levy , everything that could go wrong does. Madison is taken by a secret organisation for experiments on her “condition” and it is up to Walter, Allen and his brother Freddie Bauer (John Candy) to get her back.

The film includes everything we loved as a child  so it is no wonder that this film has been voted one of the best films of the 80’s by the British public. With Robert Zemeckis ‘Back to The future’ (1985) reaching number one, due to its incredible story line and sound track.  Which film do you think is the best 80’s classic?

Splash movie poster

Splash movie poster

When fantasy meets reality we see the 80’s special effects at its finest with a well done continuous transformation scene with her skin turning into scales and her feet unfolding into a tail, the realism is created. The transformation scene is right up there with John Landis horror comedy ‘ American werewolf in London’ (1981). However, we don’t get the full blown change as it was believed that the empathy for Madison would be removed if the scene was too graphic. This is an effect that can meet to the standards of even today’s great movies.

Transformation scene

Transformation scene

Considering the fact that this is a remake of a beloved family film, some rather adult humour is included ,with our beloved character being nude throughout the first few scenes, to men looking up the skirts of women to porn references.  But this kind of humour adds to the comedy genre of the film.

Stan, the Tour Guide: Welcome to the Statue of Liberty. The Statue is a gift from French citizens and has come to symbolize hope for naked women everywhere. BOCCE BALLS!

I find that this is a fantastic film to represent everything we love about most of the Disney classics and add gives the film a real life twist.  It is a film I would recommend to anyone who loves all things 80’s .

Gold star

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The Little Mermaid poster.

The Little Mermaid poster.


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