Supernaturals 200th episode ‘Fan Fiction’ (CW Network, 2015)

The hit TV show Supernatural celebrated its 200th episode this year. Therefore, CW had a responsibility to the fans to make this episode highly remembered and the best one yet. As someone who is a huge fan of the show, rather young (19 years old this month) and a frequent Tumblr user I understood all the references. These references included popular Memes from the internet and links to ‘fanfictions’ and ‘shipping’ from the fandom to Destiel (Dean/ Castile). I personally got all of these but my parents, who are also huge fans of the show, had absolutely no idea what they were on about. With the show using words such as “canon” and “sub text” I had to explain what exactly they were on about.  Even the main character was a young girl who seemed to be a poor interpretation of a fan girl, who was far to annoying and stuck up to reflect a fandom blogger. Therefore, an issue with this episode is the fact that the writers focused on the younger audiences than the older audiences, making it difficult for my parents to relate to this episode or even understand it!


The episode was based on a play version of Carver Edland aka chuck’s books. Yes a High school diehard fan has created a musical of Supernatural. Even though the whole drama club isn’t really a fan of the idea the Goddess Muse is. Therefore, when Muse begins to kill people who aren’t on bored with the idea Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are called to the scene and haft to fight her off to ensure the slightly irritating 16 year old director isn’t killed at the end of the show. If you saw their reaction when there was a Supernatural convention in season 5. Then you can imagine their reactions when there was a full blown play about the two. THEY WERE NOT HAPPY!

Fan made poster season 10 Supernatural.

Fan made poster season 10 Supernatural.

On the other hand, the episode does include a few Easter eggs with large references to the other episodes and even Dean looking into the camera as if he is judging the fan fictions based on Destiel. In the show Sam was also questioning why there isn’t a Sam/ Cas duo. Other references include the Scare Crow from season 1 and a song about Cas waiting for Dean to wake up from his four hours sleep in season 5’s ‘The End’. My favorite surprise though had to be the 3 second appearance of Chuck (Rob Benedict) at the very end and for some reason he seemed to enjoy the adaption of his novel. It really is a rather funny episode !

The all singing all dancing spectacular, being rather close to Buffy the vampire slayers special ‘Once more with feeling’  season 7 episode 6, was an episode to either be loved or hated by audiences. BUT I can’t complain when some of the songs were rather catchy. The episode also included a cover of Kansas’s Carry on My Wayward son in the second Act sang by poor camos from the Winchesters long line of dead family and friends. However, it does seem kind of nice to have Mummy and Daddy Winchester sing them some classic rock.  BUT Again this can be considered a controversial episode, as the 200th episode should be incredible and not risk fans hating the show.

Even though I personally didn’t hate it the 200th episode it could have been a lot better and reflect  the standards of ‘Swan song’ the season finale of season 5.

How have you not seen this?

Deathbyapril- April Ely.

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