Poltergeist (Gil Kenan,2015) Not as good as the original.

A quick review

As a member of a family who are in love with the horror genre and all of the great classics. When my family and I heard that they were remaking the 1980’s masterpiece Poltergeist we had to all go and see it.  We thought that they would stick to the original story line and keep it rather funny and light hearted compared to film that gets all of its scares from loud bangs and sudden movements. However, we were mistaken. Everything seemed to just be another horror cliché.  People would leave children unattended, someone would be curled up in the corner and when they were turned around it would be a monster and my personal favourite everyone would ignore the child’s warnings until it’s too late.  We have heard it all before!

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Poltergeist is based on a haunting within your average American house build on top of a grave yard.  When the ghosts come out to play Madisen Bowne (Kennedi Clements) is taken by the spirits into the world of the dead. When the family fears for the fate of their daughter a group of paranormal investigators and a Television psychic (Jared Harris) to try and get her back.

Poltergeist 2015 movie poster

Poltergeist 2015 movie poster

The film tries to spend its time improving upon the original and yet changing a percentage of the film for the fans of the original to have a few surprises. Instead of attempting to make a happy family movie that just happens to have ghosts in , everyone is miserable and unable to afford basic necessities, despite the fact that they own nearly every Apple product known to man.  I guess we now know who sponsored the film.  In addition, despite them keeping some of the original features they are not done as nearly as well. This can include the poor attempt of replicating the humour of the farther. Within this version the dad (Sam Rockwell) seems to be more sarcastic and passive aggressive than a light hearted funny, compared to the 80’s classic.

Simple things that made the original great where either removed or poorly redone, this can include the clown. The clown is a famous brand for the franchise; it’s scary and downright creepy. Now don’t get me wrong in the 2015 version it’s scary but seems to be over and done with rather quickly , instead of built up for a dramatic ending. Therefore, I find this goes against the new branding and with the hype of the film based around the clowns new design.  I could also say the same for the tree, which looks far less creepy in my opinion.

New clown

New clown

The Psychic is replaced by a man (nothing wrong with men) but they changed the sex of one of the main characters and I don’t think many films can get away with that. The character is far less family focused and more on flirting with his ex-wife and sharing scary stories with the children.

This house is clean.

On the other hand, the film isn’t entirely hopeless with a rather happy ending and other features added. In this version we get to seen the world of the dead. The world is dark and terrifying, allowing audiences to understand the horrors the poltergeists have seen and shows a convincing depiction of hell.  However, with a film based on jump scares it can be seen as a lot more frightening. But overall it is nowhere near as good as the original.

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Evil Dead Movie Poster

Evil Dead Movie Poster

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Deathbyapril – April Ely


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