Evil Dead (Fede Alvarez ,2013)

A quick Review

The 2013’s remake of the Evil Dead is probably the ultimate guide on what not to do in a horror film. Let’s face it if you are in a cabin in the woods and you see witch craft in the basement and a satanic book made of human flesh, you should probably leave! Or at least stay away from that room.

Plot: Mia (Jane Levy) is forced to go cold turkey with a few friends and her brother David (Shiloh Fernandez) in the creepiest cabin in the woods. If you know anything about cold turkey, it is obvious that no one would believe you if you said, there is something in the woods and you were attacked by a tree.

Therefore, when the book of the dead has been opened, the demons rise and everyone must fight to stay alive and avoid possession.

Evil Dead Movie Poster

Evil Dead Movie Poster

Do not read from the book!!!

Despite stating every rule, it is a traditional ultimate gore fest. With blood splurging out from every direction, people loosing 50% of their limbs, boiling hot water to the face, needles in the eyes and setting people on fire. If you have a weak stomach I advise you don’t watch it.  Once all hell breaks loose it really is the director asking; how can we gross the audience out as much as possible?

Even though the original is a classic and was banned for some reason, it has nothing compared to the horrors of this remake. If you have seen the original you would know that the only scary part is the creepy laughter of the girls and obviously the horrific special effects of the 80’s. But with the new advancements in the horror genre and the mass improvements to special effects, it’s difficult to find the scariest moment.

1981 evil dead effects.

1981 evil dead effects.

However, all the guts and glory could have been easily avoided if they didn’t read the book that was wrapped up and covered in barbed wire. Honestly if you saw that you would leave it alone. So if you are ever in that situation you should learn from the countless films where this happens and don’t do anything stupid.

Here’s an article to help you survive a horror film if Evil dead isn’t lesson enough.


If there isn’t enough evidence to prove that this film really does meet up to the stereotypical codes and conventions of the horror genre, then the homage Cabin in the Woods should be another.

Check out my review on The Cabin in The Woods –


Cabin in the Woods movie poster - Check out my review !

Cabin in the Woods movie poster – Check out my review !

So if you are a fan of the horror genre then this is one to add to the list.

How have you not seen this?

Deathbyapril- April Ely 


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