The Purge ( James DeMonaco,2013) Would it work?

Check out The Purge!

How have you not seen this?

A quick review

The whole idea of the purge is that once a year the citizens of America are able to “purge” their anger and the beast within. Therefore to do this everything is legal so murder, rape, robbery and no emergency services are available.  The only exception to this rule is those over a certain security rank are safe from this night of anarchy.

The film focuses on a rich family, who sells and owns the top of the art security system.  The family is rather privileged with two children, who should be fully aware of the risk of the Purge. However, when the youngest lets someone from the outside in, he sends an invitation for those chasing the stranger into their not so safe home.  If there is nothing more annoying than posh stuck up rich teenagers who have had way too much of daddy’s money , then…

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