The Purge ( James DeMonaco,2013) Would it work?

A quick review

The whole idea of the purge is that once a year the citizens of America are able to “purge” their anger and the beast within. Therefore to do this everything is legal so murder, rape, robbery and no emergency services are available.  The only exception to this rule is those over a certain security rank are safe from this night of anarchy.

The film focuses on a rich family, who sells and owns the top of the art security system.  The family is rather privileged with two children, who should be fully aware of the risk of the Purge. However, when the youngest lets someone from the outside in, he sends an invitation for those chasing the stranger into their not so safe home.  If there is nothing more annoying than posh stuck up rich teenagers who have had way too much of daddy’s money , then how about they break  into your home an attempt to murder your family.  How could it get any worse? Well you could also add the jealous crazy neighbours into the mix and you have yourself a great horror film.

Everyone in this film also seems to be rather relaxed by lounging around in different rooms and having a family meal and film session. I would be terrified!

The Purge movie poster

The Purge movie poster

For me this film is so messed up and just unrealistic , with people going out during the night to have party’s and CCTV cameras broadcasting the events of the purge onto the nations televisions. If I was in this situation I would lock myself somewhere safe for the entire day and night just in case and sleep through it all. I would NEVER go out or let any of my family out. My dogs also tend to bark at anything so if I didn’t want to alert the entire street they would need to be locked away to.

I addition, if this was a real thing I doubt many people would go out as not everyone is a murderous psychopath. I think the only people who would go out are the insane and those who have a serious grudge towards someone else.  Another issue highlighted by the characters within the film is that the poor are unable to protect themselves and is therefore extremely unfair on them.  What would also happen if you got stuck outside after 7 PM because people still go to work and school on that day so what if they were stuck in traffic or their car broke down?  So if this was an option for us I doubt that anyone would actually agree to it.

What would you do in the purge?

I also found a great article on some useful tips to survive the purge:

How have you not seen this?

Deathbyapril- April Ely.


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