Halloween (John Carpenter,1978)

A quick review

Halloween has got to be one of the classics and one of the best horror films of the 1970’s, along with other horror films such as Jaws (Steven Spielberg, 1975) and The Exorcist (William Friedkin, 1973). This was also the horror film that rebooted the slasher genre, taking the wheel from Alfred Hitchcock’s Phycho (1960) and put audiences on the edge of their seat. However, even though the franchise has been exploited to the point of ridiculousness by releasing a Halloween 7, nothing beats the original.

The film focuses on the 6 year old Michael Myers murdering his older sister causing him to be locked away in an asylum for 15 years, only to escape and continue his murderous ways. Whilst free Myers finds the time to stalk babysitters, including the incredible scream queen Jamie lee Curtis pointed out in Wes Cravens Scream (1996) and ultimately kills a small % of the town.

Halloween poster

Halloween poster

With the film opening with the ever so creepy and famous Halloween soundtrack and the unique filming technique of POV (point of view) of the killer rather than a victim, to create the sense that we could in fact be a murderer, we are given a new perspective of the film. From a normal view of what the killer is seeing, up until he puts a mask on his face and the camera, allowing us only to see through two tiny eye holes.  This technique wad later used in the holiday related horror Friday 13th (Sean S. Cunningham, 1980) and in my opinion is one of the best openings to a horror film.  Once the murder has taken place we realise that the killer is in fact a 6 year old, making children in the horror genre slightly more terrifying and make us question the capabilities of the small and innocent.

Throughout the film Michael stalks our heroin   Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), and manages to hide from the rest of the supporting cast, causing her and her friends to doubt her sanity and for us to know who the boss battle will be between. However, when all hell breaks loose and our scream queen faces our villain he is stabbed twice , shot about 8 times and falls out of a window AND still manages to survive! But this is to set up the possibility of a sequel, which they seemed to have taken to the next level.  IF I SEE ANOTHER REMAKE I WILL BE THE NEXT SCREAM QUEEN.

How have you not seen this?

Deathbyapril- April Ely.  



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