From the Poltergeist trailer (Gil Kenan, 2015), what can fans expect from the new movie and how does it seem to differ from the original (Tobe Hooper &Steven Spielberg, 1982)? Audience research analysis

From the new poltergeist trailer, it is clear that the remake will be more horrific than the original due to the advancements in special effects / CGI and how the horror genre has changed over time. These changed to the horror genre occurred as audience have become desensitised over time, meaning it takes a lot more to scare people.  Therefore, the remake should appear less comical than the original.

The remake appears rather different from the original as it does show the potential to be more terrifying so could essentially seem better than the original, to those who have not seen the original. However, if you are a fan of the original and are a horror classic fan then nothing can beat the 1982 version. In addition to this, it can be argue again that technology has advanced overtime and as the film is a much more modern , then the film must reflect the time in which it is set by including devices from 2015, such as  the IPhone and flat screen televisions. Furthermore, there a small changes to the plot, this can include the way the characters first interact with the ghosts (chairs to wardrobe), there seems to be no dog in the remake and the film seems to be centred on the children compared to the whole family. Likewise, the ghosts seem to look a lot different and the film focuses more on jump scares.

Poltergeist poster then and now

Poltergeist poster then and now

In addition, the original was directed by Tobe Hooper &Steven Spielberg and the remake was directed by Gil Kenan and as directors each have a unique style, then the overall feel of the film will be different.

Tobe Hooper

Tobe Hooper

On the other hand, the film seems to stick to have a similar narrative and ultimately stick to the plot of the original, with the events starting off calm and progressing overtime.  Furthermore, the girl is still taken, resulting in an investigator to be called, however the “cleanser” is a man instead of a woman.  Another key feature within the film is they have included the original monsters, such as the clown and the tree. This makes it obvious that the remake has the potential to please it audiences through appearing more scary but still sticking to the original.

New clown

New clown

Original clown

Original clown

How have you not seen this?

Deathbyapril- April Ely

Audience research provided by: April Ely (2015), Rebecca Saunders (2015) and Zena Ely (2015)


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