Not aloud to hit the zombies !

If you have been tuning in to watch BBC3’s new show I survived the zombie apocalypse on a Monday evening, then you may agree with me on some of the issues with the show. However, as it is on the same day as AMC’s The Walking Dead, then you are in for a zombie fest.

The show is basically about a group of people who have been put in a shopping centre and must attempt to survive for 7 days, with the help of the army who are talking to them through a speaker. Each day they must participate in a number of missions, in order to gain supplies. These missions usually include going out and getting food and water, which of course is necessary for survival. However, for the show to keep the audience entertained and give them something to show, they send the survivors out on meaningless tasks, like finding cleaning products and checking the wall to see if anyone has put any notices up, Which of course is necessary, when it comes to staying alive.

The most important part of the narrative is always the cause of the outbreak and in this case was caused by 5G WI-Fi. Yeah sounds bizarre, I have no idea how that works either.

Another issue with this programme is the fact that the zombies only seem to attack on the way back from their mission and never on the way there. This is probably so they are able to complete their mission and gather the resources they need to survive, as this is in fact a television show and the BBC is not allowed to actually kill anyone.  This is also why the zombies/ actors hide from the other survivors and only come after them at certain times.

The Survivors

The Survivors

However, despite these factors causing this programme to be unrealistic, there is one other thing that bothers me… the fact that the survivors cannot hit the zombies! Yes I know that they are actors and again the BBC is not allowed to hurt or kill anyone.  BUT we all know the first thing to crab in a zombie apocalypse will be a weapon, so the fact that none of the people have a weapon is just unrealistic. This means that whenever a survivor is cornered they have no hope of living! They are just torn apart, which leads to a cut scene of our survivors being half eaten alive and then left.  We never actually know if they turn and are left wondering why the zombies didn’t eat all of him.

The fun thing about the show is the emergency broadcast info-mercials, it seems that there really is an apocalypse and that is what the television would show! The show can also make you think how you would really act in a zombie apocalypse.  Personally I think the running would be an issue.

How long do you think you could survive?

How have you not seen this?

Deathbyapril- April Ely


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