The Cabin in the Woods (Drew Goddard,2012)

A quick review.

What goes into making a horror film, well if you wanted to stick to conventions you would include an all attractive teenage cast , playing our stereotypical characters, such as; the jock, the whore, the brains, the fool and the virgin.  We know this to be true but in our original horror film (it really is original) the film actually points this out to the characters within the narrative.  Other Clichés include the bridge getting destroyed, warnings from strangers and our basement with creepy and cursed objects.  The only thing is , these were put their on purpose, it was intended for them to go in the basement and “read from the book” , the stranger to warn them was an actor and the bridge was rigged with explosives, our monster was even put there ! The change of personality of the characters was caused by hormones, along with the actions and thoughts of our stereotypical adults playing teenagers.


But who would do such a thing, kill the innocent? The government and Sigourney Weaver. I’m not just saying it …. The government would kill the innocent BUT it is not all in vain because in order to keep a bunch of sadistic Gods from rising and destroying the planet, we must make a human sacrifice, yep, pretty old idea.  The only issue is the sacrifice must be voluntary in a sense.  Therefore, when our characters where introduced to the old trinkets in the basement, they chose what monster would arise….from an elevator in the ground (Yeah I don’t know either).

For me the best part about this film is the fact that the creature that can emerge can be anything, highlighted in the beginning of the film when the government is making bets, calling for some very funny but twisted scenes.  The monsters include the usual; these can include zombies (normal or a zombie redneck torcher family), ghost, serial killers, clowns and werewolves.  However, the film does introduce some rather strange monsters, such as; witches, these are completely different from sexy witches, mermaids, the sugar plum fairy, unicorns, giant bats and my personal favourite a scorpion saw.

Luckily for us, all hell breaks loose, during the end of the movie  all of these monsters are released.  I cannot stress to you how amazing these scenes are. We get to see all these monsters running around and killing everyone in the most unique ways. I mean, how does a mermaid kill you?  Just to reinforce how great this scene is, I have put a link below. SPOILERS!

Therefore, this is the film to watch in order to learn about the horror genre, as it is one big piss take on every horror film ever made.

This comedy horror makes for a truly entertaining and original film, creating a unique spin on the genre. Therefore, I would like to ask; what monster would you want to chase after you? Personally I would have the unicorn.

This film came out in 2012, how have you not seen this?

Deathbyapril – April Ely.


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