Into the Woods (Rob Marshall,2014)

A quick review.

Everyone loves as Disney movie, even though they are aimed at kids, most people have seen them. I mean look at the hype over Frozen (Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, 2013) no one seems to ever let it go. Therefore, it is clear that much like many other family movies, Disney films are a mass market. So, if you do go and watch Into the Woods, you would probably expect your typical Disney cliché BUT this is not the case…..

Imagine a world where everyone sang all the time! It would get very annoying very quickly. Meaning, unless you like films such as Le Misérables (Tom Hooper, 2012), then you would find this all singing all dancing spectacular a bit too much.  Especially since the films is hitting around the three hour mark.

If you have seen the advert you would think “this seems like such a good film, all the original Grim stories in one film”. I mean you would be right, we get to see little red riding hood, Cinderella and jack with his white cow and magic beans.  The only issue is, these stories are only referenced to and avoid the main event within each narrative. We never actually see Jack meet the Giant or Cinderella actually meet her prince charming and for me is the whole point so for a film to just miss this out, it seems such a waste.

into the woods

So what is the story?  Well, a Baker and his wife (James Cordern, Emily Blunt) are cursed by our wicked witch ( Meryl Streep) , to never be able to have children , so in order for them to brake the curse , they must collect a series of ingredients for a spell. These include famous fantasy object, this is where our beloved childhood bedtime stories come in, such as the slipper from Cinderella and hair as gold as corn.  This Calls for a very unique twist on these tales and makes for an interesting plot. However, when they sing the whole way through, it does have an impact on the entertainment factor, depending on your personal taste.

Once everything plays out and all is well in the land of Into the woods, I personally felt satisfied with the film; it was at a good length and was happy at the film ending there. Not the case, It was a false ending!! The film had about another hour to go, with a completely new story that practical made the previous narrative obsolete. WHAT WAS THE POINT? The film also seems to alter the ending of the Grim brother fairy tales, which I find rather insulting to tradition.

I must admit I am being rather harsh on the film, as it is enjoyable with a collection of some fantastic songs and has some a completely talented cast. Who knew James Corden could sing? But for me this film dragged and had a bit too much singing for my personal liking. However, if this is your kind of thing and are the kind of person who can sit through very long films, then I would encourage that you go see it.  I also feel that people need to see it, along with myself, due to the fact that I am a huge Disney lover, so when a new one comes along, no matter the content, I must watch it. I assume this would be the same for you?

Therefore, I ask you; how have you not seen this? Or sing to you; how have you not seen this?


April Ely.


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