The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (Stephen Chbosky ,2012)

A quick review

No one wants to be alone, it is a fear that we had growing up and still have today. People are social animals. Therefore, when our main character Charlie (Logan Lerman) is left without friends, a family that cares and a very serious mental illness, we can’t help but feels sorry for and fall in love with him. BUT not all hope is lost, when this freshman plucks up the courage to talk to seniors Patrick (Ezra Miller) also called “nobody” and his step sister Sam (Emma Watson) he finds what all of us crave.


For me this film both starts and ends rather sad but to me this film makes a difference. It is one of those films that sticks with you and shares a very important message and explores some of the worst issues that any young person can face. This movie looks at both the best and the worst of life. From school, to love, to sexuality, to drugs, to death, to loneliness, to abuse and the importance of friends and family. This feature is truly brilliant in creating character development and forces the audience to think about whom they are and how they can be happy. As a result, this film is a masterpiece and should be watched by everyone. And remember people, the incredibly talented Emma Watson is in it, isn’t that reason enough?

However, be aware that there are some rather controversial parts. As it is hinted that two characters were sexually assaulted at a rather young age, but this just indicates that this still happens and puts across a very strong message.

I had my first kiss at 11…….. he was my dads boss.

This film will make you laugh and cry and shout “why did you just do that?”  “Just kiss her already” “Don’t you dare!”

Now I want you to think about how many films you have watched and how many have actually caused you to have a huge reaction. 10 maybe tops. In my opinion films should not just be a funny or dramatic script, a good director and a fairly talented cast, they should make us feel and fall in love with the characters, make us want to know what happens next. And it is those feelings that cause us to have cinema, we want to experience a narrative that makes us laugh, cry, think and love and for me this film shows all of that. Now granted this is not the best film in the world, but no film can ever be! Everyone opinion is different. For example, a five year old may think that Frozen is the best film in the world and in my brothers case; The Raid 2. BUT we are not all five or my brother. So I ask, what is the best film you have ever seen?

Also the film has a pretty cool name so you know it will be good!

If you have not yet watched this brilliant film; I ask you; how have you not seen this?


April Ely.


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