An American Werewolf in London (John Landis, 1981)

A quick review

For me this is one example of a typical classic horror movie. It used to be seen as horrific back in the day but now it’s just a great movie with some great make up and a stereotypical Werewolf movie narrative. However, as this is a classic, then much like me, you will be forced to watch and will be repeatedly asked How have you not seen this?  Until you have.

The film opens with our soon to be Werewolf and stereotypical American David Kessler (David Naughton) and his best friend Jack Goodman (Griffine Dunne) walking through the English moors. AND despite being warned by many locals to “stick to the roads” they walk off path and straight into the mouth of a monster. See all this would never happen if they just listened to the warnings, much like many characters within horror films. !! Why does not one ever listen?

Now I do believe this to be the usual Werewolf film but for its time the makeup and special effects is high- tec with the use of hydraulics for the transformations. This makes for a truly amazing and realistic change and for the transformation to look as painful as possible. With every bone braking and stretching and hear growing from every inch of the body. It will make many fans of the Twilight saga and many other teen films, no longer wanting to be a Werewolf, or any other monster for a fact.


On the other hand, despite the unpleasant side effects of a Werewolf bite, the cursed is haunted by their victims and encourages committing suicide.  This calls for some rather brilliant directing, make up and a twist on the horror genre, by mixing two monsters within the same plot. In addition, puts across the idea that those who kill should be killed and makes you question, who is the real monster?

For me the only problem is the poor acting from many of the supporting cast and the fact that our couple falls in love far too quickly. It’s just not realistic! But despite these flaws, this film is a classic, so must be treasured and admired. Therefore, If you haven’t watched it yet, I ask you How have you not seen this?

Also watch out for An American Werewolf in Paris.

April Ely – Deathbyapril.


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