Warm Bodies (Jonathan Levine , 2013)

A quick review .

Check out the trailer.

Once upon a time, in a movie far far away, Monsters and aliens were seen as scary. But now thanks to films such as Twilight (Catherine Hardwick, 2008) and TV programmes like The Vampire Diaries and Doctor Who, all this has change. Can’t we just go back to a time where vampires and monsters are feared rather than become sex symbols!

However, Warm bodies take this to the next level and attempt to make Zombies sexy … Yes Zombies! Zombies with rotting flesh and a slight issue with eating people alive are now seen as desirable in Hollywood. In this feature film instead of having a typical romance, a zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult) falls in love with a human named Julie (Teresa Palmer), so from this you can kind of assume that the writer wanted a twisted Romeo and Juliet, with the film even having the ever so famous balcony scene.

From this new found love R slowly becomes human, along with many of the other infected, showing to the audience that love cures all. Aww how romantic and very cheesy. However, if you did ask anyone suffering from a terminal illness if love could actually cure, they would say no. But would pay a very important role in happiness.


Even though this film is funny, romantic and a very good film to watch and I would suggest that you do, I just can’t get to grips with Zombies being seen as attractive. On the other hand, the fact that they casted the gorgeous Nicholas Hoult, in my opinion does help.

I would also like to point out that the film does show a very unique way of portraying the walking dead. This can include that fact that zombies don’t actually enjoy eating people and they miss being human, from the ability to feel pain to actually remembering who they are.  This is done through the original technique of narrative and POV from the zombies (R) . As a result, removes the fear of the infected and causes the audience to feel a sense of empathy. Leading to the idea that the dead can feel love. Meaning that when you do think about it the plot does make sense and works but it doesn’t mean that it should be done again.

If you have not seen this horror chick flick then I would actually suggest you watch it!  If you can come to the acceptance that Hollywood may have gone a bit too far.

So I ask you : How have you not seen this?

April Ely – Deathbyapril.



  1. yourstrulysophie · January 20, 2015

    I love this film, i was well excited for this film to come out!!


  2. deathbyapril · May 27, 2015

    Reblogged this on how have you not seen this?.


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